Sierra Skye Sizzles & Strips Down To Absolutely Nothing On The Beach

Sierra Skye walks the runway at the SWIMMIAMI 2018 Collection fashion show.
Rodrigo Varela / Getty Images

Blond bombshell Sierra Skye thrilled her 4.1 million Instagram followers with her most recent update, a steamy snap in which she wore nothing at all as she spent some time outdoors.

She was perched on an expanse of pristine white sand, with a few palm trees visible in the distance. A few open structures with straw roofs could be seen in in the background, although Sierra’s tantalizing figure remained the focal point of the shot.

She had likely been wearing a white button-down shirt before the photo was taken. However, it seemed she opted to unbutton the garment and allow it to slip open. The sleeves cascaded down her shoulders, settling just above her elbows, and the front parted to reveal her slender figure. Though a small portion of the sleeves remained over her forearms — and she had the bottom of the shirt underneath her pert posterior on the sand — Sierra transformed a regular beach into a nude beach with her attire, as she stated in the photo’s caption.

The sun illuminated some of her bronzed skin, although the majority of her physique remained in the shade. She rested one hand on the ground behind her while her other stretched across her breasts, covering any NSFW areas. Her finger nails were painted a pale pink hue that looked gorgeous against her sun-kissed skin.

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I made it a nude beach ????

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She wore nothing at all on her lower body, though she positioned her leg in such a way as to cover up some areas while her sculpted stems extended in front of her. She wore a silver belly button ring that drew attention to her toned stomach. Her legs were coated with a thin layer of sand.

Sierra pulled her long blond locks up in a messy bun. Some tresses escaped and glowed golden in the setting sunlight. Her flawless features were on full display in the updo. She parted her lips as she gazed off into the distance with a seductive expression.

Her followers seemingly couldn’t get enough of the update. The post received over 72,000 likes as well as 737 comments in just two hours.

“You’re so beautiful Sierra,” one fan wrote.

“Soooo pretty. You are glowing! Amazing what a lil vacay can do,” added another follower, including several sparkle emoji with their message.

“Lucky beach,” a third person remarked.

“You’re so perfect omg,” praised a fourth admirer, captivated by Sierra’s beauty.

The sizzling snap wasn’t the first sexy shot Sierra has posted on Wednesday. Earlier, as The Inquisitr reported, she flaunted her curves in a pair of skimpy booty shorts with a high-waisted style and a cropped T-shirt that left her flat tummy exposed. She straddled an ATV, pulled her hair back in a ponytail, and pursed her lips in a pout as the camera captured her figure.