Russian Model Ekaterina Zueva Pulls Down Bikini Top In Hot New Photo

Ekaterina Zueva takes a mirror selfie in black underwear.
Ekaterina Zueva / Instagram

Ekaterina Zueva thrilled many of her 2.5 million Instagram followers on Wednesday, November 11, with her most recent post. The Russian model took to the popular social media platform to upload a photo that showed her in a skimpy bikini, which flattered her fit body as she struck a sexy pose.

The snap captured Zueva in a bathroom as she leaned forward, angling her chest toward the viewer. The camera appeared to be on a sink or vanity, framing her from the thighs up and capturing her from a low angle that emphasized her torso.

Zueva smoldered in a black two-piece bathing suit that contrasted with her pale skin tone. The top featured a sporty design with medium straps stretching over her shoulders. She used both hands to grab at the bodice, pulling down the middle strap considerably and further drawing attention to her cleavage.

On her lower body, she had on a pair of matching bottoms that sat low, showing off her taut stomach. Zueva pulled the straps up high on her sides, baring her toned hips.

She posed by puckered her lips, blowing a kiss at the camera. She wore her dark brunette hair pulled up high in a casual bun that sat on her head. Her nails were painted a dark shade, matching the color of her suit.

Zueva used the caption to engage with her followers, asking them how they were doing.

The post proved to be popular. Within 10 hours, it attracted more than 25,700 likes and upwards of 290 comments. Her fans took to the comments section to gush over her incredible beauty and also to interact with her caption, responding to her question.

“I am totally obsessed by your photos! I would love to have the opportunity to draw you!” one user wrote.

“Cool… soo pretty.. cheers from Buenos Aires and Patagonia, Argentina South America,” replied another fan.

“I need a girl like this one in my life,” a third admirer chimed in.

“U r seriously so much example how to live life,” gushed a fourth follower.

Zueva is no stranger to flaunting her figure in her Instagram posts. As previously pointed out by The Inquisitr, she recently posted an image in which she crouched down while opening her knees wide in opposite directions wearing leg warmers. She wore a pair of shorts made from a silver material that added a sparkly quality to the outfit. She paired it with a turquoise top featuring a plunging neckline and large armholes that showed off plenty of cleavage and sideboob.