Rachel Cook Rocks Instagram With Stunning Lingerie Shot

Model, actress and occasional YouTuber Rachel Cook continues to update her Instagram profile with ultra revealing photos. Her latest offering -- which hit the social media platform on Wednesday, November 11 -- was one of the steamier shots to appear on her popular feed recently, as the 25-year-old was captured posing provocatively in a scanty lingerie ensemble.

Cook captioned the share by writing that her 2.9 million followers could find paradise simply by closing their eyes. However, the Hunted star received a fair amount of pushback on the message, as a number of followers raved that she had given them too many reasons to keep them open.

"Ummmm paradise is right in front of my eyes," opined one smitten user. "Why would I close them and not see you?"

"So gorgeous, so stunning," added a second admirer. "@Rachelc00k, you R the Real Deal."

"To be fair, Ms. Cook, I believe looking at this beautiful picture of you is pretty close to seeing paradise," asserted a third commenter. "You are an astonishingly gorgeous woman."

"It's unbelievable how amazing you are," exclaimed another enamored fan.

The social media maven stood with one leg completely straight and the other resting on a blue, art deco-style chair just to her left. Meanwhile, her upper body leaned slightly in the same direction, causing her right hip to jut out and emphasizing the sinuous shape of her slender frame.

With her hair parted off-center and its blond and brown strands tickling her shoulders on both sides, Cook gazed into the camera with an innocent look on her face. Her brilliant blue eyes popped in contrast to the beige wall behind her, matching the hue of the chair. Additionally, her lips were slightly parted, which revealed a glimpse of pearly white teeth.

Although her bra and panties sufficiently covered her, the skimpy pieces appeared to be semi-sheer and featured opaque crisscross details and metallic accents. The two-piece set was also minuscule, allowing for an ample showing of skin.

Cook's sultry share proved to be a quick hit with the Instagram crowd, racking up 30,000-plus likes in less than 30 minutes after it had gone live. Her avid admirers left hundreds of replies in the post's comments section as well.

One day before bringing the heat in her semi-sheer lingerie, Cook was equally appealing in a series of sexy snaps that showed her playing the part of a seductive secretary in a tight leather skirt and a knotted blouse.