Miranda Lambert Wears Long Cape For Horseback 'Fairy Tale Sequence' On Her Birthday

Miranda Lambert's birthday was something of a fairy tale.

The singer took to Instagram to give thanks as she turned 37 this week, posting a picture of herself wearing a long and flowing cape as she sat atop her horse, Gibson. It was likely a familiar image to her followers, as it was taken from the music video for her song "Settling Down." Lambert had opened up on the video for People, saying it was a dream come true to dress up and ride her horse.

"I got to gallop with my horse Gibson through the fields, which resulted in an incredible fairy tale sequence," Lambert shared in the photo series for the magazine.

The Instagram picture appeared to be an image from the music video's filming, showing her wearing the same outfit as she sat atop Gibson in a field, looking off into the distance. The image had an artistic effect, showing the singer set against a cloudy sky.

In the post, Lambert thanked fans for all of their well-wishes and said it made her feel loved to receive so many messages.

Lambert said she got to spend the day at her farm with her husband and "all my fur friends." She added that they celebrated with flowers and a bottle of wine and a showing of Alice in Wonderland -- one of her favorite movies. Lambert told fans that she hoped her 37th year would look much like the scene in the post, filled with "Reflection, Magic, Unicorns, Big Skies and No fences."

She included a series of pictures of her other highlights, including the Tangled gift bag she got from her husband and some pictures of the animals who shared the special day with her. As followers know, Lambert has already had something of a difficult year with regard to her beloved pets, as she had to say goodbye to her dog, Waylon, last month. The entertainer posted a heartfelt tribute to her friend, remembering how she first adopted the golden retriever after finding him abandoned on the side of the road in Oklahoma.

The much happier picture shared this week attracted some viral interest, racking up more than 80,000 likes and thousands of replies from her followers.

"So glad your day was as special as you are!!! Enjoy every minute!!!!!" one person wrote.

Others thanked Lambert for sharing her bright outlook.

"Happy Birthday Hottie! Thanks for making our lives better with your words and heart!" a fan commented.