Sommer Ray Shows Off Her Killer Figure In A Lacy Bra & Panty Set: 'Photoshop Where Tho?'

Sommer Ray teased her 25.5 million Instagram followers with a racy new post on Wednesday afternoon. She seemed to be daring her fans to pinpoint where she might have done some Photoshopping, perhaps in response to allegations of doing such a thing on a previous upload. This post, however, tantalizingly showcased most of Sommer's luscious, real curves.

The video was taken of Sommer outdoors in the dark. Most of the landscape behind her was obscured due to the lack of lighting. However, a bit of a hazy sky could be seen above her.

The background may have been dark and dreary, but Sommer was quite the opposite. She was fully lit as she flaunted her insane physique.

The 24-year-old fitness model wore her blond tresses in long, loose waves. As the video started, she buried her hands in her hair on either side of her face and pulled the locks back behind her head. As she showed off her hourglass curves, she playfully tousled her hair.

Sommer was angled to the side as the camera recorded her sultry moves. She wore a lacy bra along with a matching set of panties, and these appeared to be a light peach hue. The low cups of the bra allowed her to flaunt plenty of cleavage and her chiseled abs were on full display.

The panties dipped in the front and had a small bow in the center at the waist. The fabric clung to Sommer's curvy hips and beautifully enhanced her perky booty.

She bent one leg and placed it slightly ahead of the other to further accentuate her bombshell curves. Sommer threw multiple tantalizing glances toward the camera as she shifted her position and flaunted her figure.

"Beautiful and gorgeous u r! I like what I see," one fan noted.

"Naturally beautiful and looking amazing," another declared.

"You're such an inspiration to women," a follower wrote.

"You're Stunning!" someone else raved.

It took only 30 minutes for nearly 110,000 people to like Sommer's titillating share. In addition, 600 people commented during that brief time frame as well. The emoji were plentiful as people tried to express their love for this sizzling-hot clip.

This post showed Sommer seeming sultry and rather serious. However, her millions of Instagram fans know that's not her typical temperament. A few days ago, she shared an array of photos highlighting her fun and silly side.

In that case, Sommer smiled as she posed in jeans with a handkerchief knotted around her torso as a top. Those snapshots stunned her fans and received more than 915,000 likes, a common volume of engagement for her social media shares. This new clip is already off to a quick start and may even soon eclipse that other recent share.