Katya Elise Henry Showcases Nearly Every Inch Of Skin On Her Hourglass Figure For Steamy Photoshoot

Mackenzie Jerks

Katya Elise Henry left little to the imagination as she posed for a series of sexy photos in a skimpy bikini. She tantalized her 7.9 million Instagram followers as she flaunted nearly every inch of her pert backside and hourglass figure.

The mint green bikini complemented her well-known curves as she struck a couple of seductive poses for her photographer. The top of the suit was strapless and was held together with a clasp in the middle of her back. Katya showcased her entire backside with the thong-style bottoms. She pulled the thin waistband of the garment above her hipbones, accentuating her thick hips and the definition in her midsection.

The only accessory the 26-year-old added was a small gold ankle bracelet.

Katya's extremely long, dark hair appeared to be straightened as she fashioned it in two different styles for each picture. In the first shot, she held the upper half of her hair in a ponytail as the bottom half hung down her back. She changed it up for the second pic, wearing her hair in a high, tight ponytail at the top of her head.

The influencer displayed her side profile in the first part of the post, standing with her left side facing the camera. She bent the leg closest to the camera as her right leg was locked in a straight position. Katya pushed her booty out, showing off her sexy body as she arched her back. Adding a playful vibe to the jaw-dropping photo, she stuck her tongue out slightly as she looked over her shoulder.

The second snap of the update showcased Katya's round booty, as she stood up straight with her back facing the photographer. As she lifted her arms above her head to grab the top of her ponytail, she slightly turned her shoulders to the front of the room.

"Your body is perfect!" one follower remarked.

"Wow you look stunning!" another fan stated.

"Yes! This is my fave pic of yours by far," a third person gushed.

Her fans have been able to obsess over her sizzling physique quite often as of late. Yesterday, Katya showcased her toned core and tanned cleavage in a light pink two-piece swimsuit, according to a report from The Inquisitr.