Morgan Ketzner Shows Off Her Curvy Figure & Sculpted Midsection In Skimpy Bikini Bottoms

Mackenzie Jerks

Morgan Ketzner showed off her curvy hips and insanely sculpted midsection for her 599,000 Instagram followers in the latest tantalizing photo. She struck a simple, yet eye-catching pose as she asked fans what their favorite band was, likely referencing the T-shirt that she sported in the photo.

The Instagram model wore an oversized short-sleeved shirt for the post. The garment had the band name Nirvana printed in large yellow letters across the chest. It also included a person with wings partially visible near the bottom half of the shirt. The orange-and-black top was cropped, allowing her to flaunt her sexy abdominals in the picture.

She paired the top with dark yellow bikini bottoms. Morgan pulled the waistline of the suit to rest high on her hips, which further accentuated the desirable curves in her pert booty.

The 24-year-old parted her sandy blond locks down the middle of her scalp. She let her wavy hair fall on both sides of her shoulders, framing her face beautifully for the shot.

The pose Morgan struck for the pic was relatively simple, but that did not prevent her followers from obsessing over her. Striking a serious gaze for her photographer, she stood on a balcony and rested both hands out to the sides of her body on the white railing behind her. As she crossed her right leg over her left, she pushed her hips out to the side to display her toned legs and the muscle definition in her lower midsection.

The picture appeared to be taken at a tropical location, as there were a bright blue sky and several palm trees seen in the background.

"Stunningly beautiful!" one fan wrote.

"You're so pretty," another follower admired.

"You are perfection!" a third person exclaimed.

The update was well-received by the Instagram community, who tapped the like button over 4,000 times within an hour after it went live.

Morgan's fans have gotten to admire her tanned and toned physique quite often recently, as reported by The Inquisitr. Just yesterday, the model was absolutely gorgeous as she rocked a formfitting crop top with a pair of loose jean shorts. She positioned herself to accentuate her well-known sculpted figure.