Holly Sonders Shows Off Tiny Waist & Bombshell Bust In ‘Perfect Cocktail Dress’ And Shares Her Favorite Drink

Holly's dress sparkled and fit her like a glove.

Holly Sonders lines up a putt at the ninth hole of La Quinta Country Club Course during the first round of the Humana Challenge
Todd Warshaw / Getty Images

Holly's dress sparkled and fit her like a glove.

Holly Sonders dazzled her fans by modeling a sophisticated dress that clung to her body in all the right places. On Wednesday, she took to Instagram to show off the swanky piece that she considers the ideal look for going out to have a few drinks.

The former Fox Sports host wore a dress made from stretchy black mesh fabric with metallic silver threads woven throughout. The glittery material was just sheer enough to show a hint of her bronze skin underneath it where it hugged her shapely hips. The garment’s skirt had a high slit on the left, which Holly used to her advantage by thrusting her toned thigh all the way through the revealing opening.

She posed in profile and curved her right hand around her waist, further emphasizing its small size. Her back was arched so that her chest was pushed forward to prominently display its ample curves. Her gown had wide shoulder straps and a low neckline, but her rich, chocolate-colored hair hid most of her exposed décolletage from view. She wore her full mane swept over her left shoulder, where it cascaded down to her midriff. The ends of her locks were curled.

The fitness model kept her accessories to a minimum, ensuring that the spotlight was on her own beauty. Her only visible jewelry was a pair of diamond solitaire earrings. She also wore a pair of folded sunglasses with one temple hooked over the neck of her gown.

Holly tilted her head and turned toward the camera to gaze straight at it. She parted her lips and softened her features to make her facial expression sensual. She finished her pose by reaching up with her left hand to touch the back of her hair. The background of her photo was out-of-focus, but it appeared to be a bar. A geotag identified the location of the shot as Las Vegas.

In her caption, Holly revealed that her favorite cocktail is a Moscow mule in a chilled copper cup, and she asked her fans to share their go-to drinks.

“Drinking in your beauty!!!!!” read one response to her question.

A few of Holly’s followers seemed too mesmerized by her eyes to answer her.

“You have the most incredible eyes I’ve ever seen! And you make that dress look amazing!” wrote one admirer.

One commenter accused the model of digitally altering her image, and she had the perfect clapback.

“Looks photo shopped face doesn’t match the body,” the comment read.

“I’ve been surgically photoshopped…no cheap apps used here,” Holly replied.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Holly showed her fans what her election party outfit looked liked last week, and it was more revealing that her cocktail look.