‘River City Ransom 2’ In Development

River City Ransom 2 is currently in development.

Remember that console game that seemed like it wanted to be Double Dragon but didn’t have enough of a fan base to compete? River City Ransom is officially getting a sequel after all these years. Of course, with Double Dragon‘s HD remake being such a bomb, River City Ransom 2 may be just what the fans need to get back in the kick of things.

The original game’s plot follows the story of high schoolers Alex and Ryan as they fight their way across River City to rescue Cyndi from a gang leader who goes by the name Slick. Ahh, classic 80s video game stories; the cliché was thicker than most action game stars’ biceps. River City Ransom allowed the player to explore the city as they pummeled their way through crowds of bad guys, collecting coins and buying new techniques to use throughout the game.

An indie game studio in Canada (Combit) is working with the makers of River City Ransom EX (Million) to create a sequel due for release August 2014 on Windows PC. Other platforms are being considered for development, but most likely if reception is positive. This summer, crowd-funding is scheduled to begin for the making of River City Ransom 2.

Combit’s official site has stated, “We have started development on an official, worldwide follow-up to River City Ransom. With strong followings in North America and Japan, we will work closely with Million to ensure it is the best game it can be for fans on both continents.”

The original River City Ransom was created by Technos Japan, and ported to several formats including the Wii Virtual Console. In 2012, however, Miracle Kidz announced that production was indefinitely put on hold for the sequel while they worked on a new title.

River City Ransom 2 is now officially back in development, and should be here by late 2014.

Are you excited about River City Ransom 2 being brought back into development?