Kaley Cuoco Spins Around In A Rainbow Skirt While Showing Off Look That Gives Fans Hot Dog On A Stick Vibes

Kaley Cuoco modeled a bold look in a video that celebrity stylist Brad Goreski posted to his Instagram page on Tuesday, and her outfit had a number of fans suggesting that it resembled a famously colorful fast food worker's uniform.

In his caption, Brad revealed that Kaley's ensemble was a Hermes design. It included a color-block sweater with a red front and green back. One of the extra-long sleeves was blue, and the other was yellow. The garment also had a black and white turtleneck collar and a banded waist that showcased Kaley's thin midsection.

The Big Bang Theory star wore a pleated maxi skirt that complemented the sweater. It was white with multicolored stripes in the same hues as her cozy top, with the addition of a few brown panels. Kaley completed her ensemble with a pair of white Greats sneakers. Her hair was a bit darker on top than usual. A few inches were a tawny color with warm tones, while the length was light blond. Her tresses were styled in bouncy waves that spilled over her shoulders, and curtain bangs partially covered both of her eyes. Her hairstylist was identified as Christine Symonds.

Kaley looked radiant as she twirled around in her cheery look. Her skirt ballooned out in a bell shape, and she couldn't seem to stop smiling while she showed it off. She perfectly imitated a ballerina by raising her arms up and gracefully lowering them down in a fluid motion as she crossed her legs and posed with one toe pointed.

The soundtrack for the actress' solo fashion show was the song "Rainbow" by Kasey Musgraves. According to Brad's caption, he and Daniela Viviana Romero had styled Kaley for an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

In the comments section, quite a few of the Fashion Police star's Instagram followers remarked that Kaley's outfit reminded them of the colorful striped uniforms that Hot Dog on a Stick employees wear.

"Totally hotdog on a stick vibes! Love her hair!" read one message.

Other fans gushed over how much they adored Kaley's outfit and her performance.

"Wow that was a grade A skirt twirl," one commenter wrote.

"I might watch that twirl ten times in a row, it is AMAZING," another admirer added.

"Obsessed with this look!!" commented a fourth fan.

Kaley also demonstrated her affinity for bright colors while she was quarantining in Canada. She was in the country to film the movie The Man From Toronto, but she had to wait two weeks before she could get to work. As reported by The Inquisitr, one way she entertained herself was by tying a bunch of multicolored, helium-filled balloons to her pet pooch Dumpy and trying to make it seem as though they were making him float.