Lauren Dascalo Struts In A White Thong Bikini On A Sunny Day That's 'A Lot Colder' Than It Looks

Lauren Dascalo wore skimpy attire to take a stroll outside on a gorgeous day in the Instagram update that she shared on Tuesday, November 10. However, while the model appeared to be soaking up plenty of warm sunshine, she informed her 1 million followers that the weather was much colder than it appeared.

Lauren's video was a promotional piece for Bang Energy. As she often does, she rocked a bikini for the shoot. Her two-piece was white with vivid blue trim and metallic ring accents on both pieces. The triangle top had small adjustable cups that impeccably displayed her busty chest, while her bottoms featured a wide waistline that dipped down in the center. The drop helped to showcase more of the model's taut tummy.

Skinny sidebands stretched up from the front and around the swells of her hips to connect to the thong back. It consisted of a large triangle-shaped panel that was pulled up high on Lauren's lower back.

The model wore her blond hair down and styled in a blowout with a subtle wave. She continually played with her mane throughout the clip, beginning with a shot that showed her smiling at the camera as she used her fingers to scrunch her hair near the scalp. She also fluffed both sides with her hands and tossed her tresses around.

Lauren strutted her stuff outside a luxurious building with a large piece of bas-relief artwork on the wall. According to her geotag, the location of her shoot was somewhere in Los Angeles.

She exaggerated her walk by lifting her feet up high off the ground and slightly twisting her hips in a sensual manner. She also teasingly tugged on her bottoms' side straps and seductively slid her fingers over them.

Lauren served up plenty of facial expressions, expertly switching between looking mischievous, coy, sultry, and gleeful. She occasionally laughed and flashed her beaming smile at her audience.

Lauren concluded her performance by allowing her fans to watch her walk away. She strolled across a yard covered with concrete pavers that were artfully arranged to create zigzagging strips of grass. She added a little bounce to her step, which drew attention to the bared sides of her derriere.

She was headed toward a pool, but she stopped and turned to face the camera before she reached it. Lauren's followers went wild for her racy footage in the comments section of her post.

"Beautiful video. Positively gorgeous," one admirer commented.

"Model of health and sexiness," another viewer added.

"Damn you drive me wild," read a third message.

"I could watch this all day," wrote a fourth fan.

Lauren was similarly scantily clad in behind-the-scenes footage from a photo shoot that she posted to Instagram on Sunday. She was shown provocatively posing in a black thong bathing suit with oil slathered all over her skin.