'The Bachelorette' Lovebirds Clare Crawley & Dale Moss Share Updates After Whirlwind Engagement

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss fell head-over-heels for one another as they started filming this season of The Bachelorette. Last week, they were shown getting engaged and quitting filming. Spoilers indicate that they'll share a few updates with Tuesday night's episode, but it seems it's Instagram where the real scoop has been revealed.

Last week, before The Bachelorette credits could even roll, both Clare and Dale had taken to social media to express their excitement over their engagement. A few days later, they shared that he was in Sacramento with her, and they seemed to be having a blast.

Now, the lovebirds are in South Dakota meeting his family. On Monday, Dale posted a photo on Instagram showing him with Clare and one of his sisters, Robyn.

On Tuesday, he uploaded a short video. Dale was shirtless as he filmed, and he noted that it was snowing in Sioux Falls where they were. He hollered back at "Crawls," which apparently is his nickname for his fiancée, and asked if she'd brought snow boots with her.

Clare couldn't be seen in this brief clip. However, she could be heard in the background, essentially screeching. Since she is from California, she probably wasn't quite prepared for the wintry South Dakota weather.

Spoiler king Reality Steve shared a few additional tidbits about the pair in his latest blog post. He mentioned that the two did pre-tape an update segment that will air during Tuesday's episode.

However, he pointed out this was filmed shortly after their time doing the series back during the summer. He says they will again insist that they never spoke to one another before that first night of filming. That pre-taped segment won't cover much new ground, since it was done at La Quinta right after their July engagement.

Reality Steve detailed that Dale and Clare are still together, engaged, and seemingly ready to take a big leap in their relationship. He noted that they've done a handful of social media updates and they've revealed some juicy scoops over the past few days.

"What we've learned is Dale and Clare have been house hunting in Sacramento, he's planning on moving there soon, and they're currently in South Dakota as she's meeting his family for the first time," he wrote.

While Dale is from the Midwest, he was living in New York prior to joining The Bachelorette. It is certainly a good sign for the two if he's already planning a move to California and that they're already shopping for a new house together.

Can this whirlwind romance and engagement really go the distance? Fans have been stunned by how wild this ride was for Clare and Dale, and they'll certainly be curious to see what goes down over the months ahead.