Celeste Bright Nearly Spills Out Of Skimpy Bikini Top In Close-Up Instagram Share

Celeste Bright took to Instagram on Tuesday afternoon with a sizzling snap that thrilled her 686,000 followers. The stunning blond model wore a tantalizing ensemble that showcased her impressive figure and stated in the caption that she was feeling exceptionally attractive. Over 800 fans hit the "like" button in the first three minutes after the post went live.

Celeste posed sitting in a simple chair on an outdoor patio. She faced the camera in the three-quarter image, giving the viewer an ample glimpse of her tempting assets.

Her swimsuit top featured two narrow strips of navy-and-orange fabric that ran vertically over her pert breasts and attached to straps in a halter style – one encircled her rib cage, and the other tied behind her neck.

Celeste pushed the cups far apart from one another to create a revealing cutout that displayed the alluring curves of her cleavage, and the tight fit of the garment caused the soft flesh of her bust to spill from the outside as well.

She paired the piece with a pair of skintight black leather pants printed with a subtle snakeskin texture. The waistband and front pockets were designed to resemble classic denim jeans, but they laced up the center with a long black cord strung through shiny silver eyelets.

The high waist emphasized her slender midsection in comparison with the swell of her petite, yet shapely hips below.

Celeste leaned toward the camera slightly with her left elbow resting on the arm of the chair. Most of her forearm was out of view, positioned as such that she could have been holding a selfie-stick to take the photo.

Her right elbow was visible leaning on the opposite side of the chair, and she appeared to have her palm draped against the corresponding shoulder, but her long hair created an odd illusion that caused her forearm to disappear at first glance.

Celeste wore her platinum mane parted in the center and let it cascade over one shoulder in loose, casual waves. Her only accessory appeared to be a pair of large hoop earrings.

Just a few weeks ago, Celeste flaunted her lithe physique in a sexy Halloween costume that featured Hello Kitty. As reported by The Inquisitr, she showed off both the front and back of her of bikini bod in a pair of poolside snaps that fans adored. The ensemble featured a pink and turquoise bathing suit beneath a clear vinyl mini dress printed with colorful symbols and the famous feline.