Fitness Trainer Brit Manuela Smolders In A Tiny Green Tie-Dye Bikini

Brit Manuela shared a new trio of sexy snapshots with her 1.2 million Instagram followers on Tuesday afternoon. She wore a green tie-dye bikini while flaunting her phenomenal physique, and her fans immediately took notice.

The 26-year-old social media influencer noted that this was a set from the PrettyLittleThing swimwear line. She chose their green acid bikini, and it revealed plenty of skin.

The top had a cutout in the center and thin straps that crossed Brit's shoulders. Another slender tie wrapped around her back, and a hint of cleavage could be seen in the initial photo.

The matching swimsuit bottoms also featured a daring cutout in the front. A thin strap tied across her midriff and sat high on Brit's hips. In the first two snaps, she tugged at that string slightly.

Brit wore her dark brunette tresses with a side part. The loose waves tumbled over one shoulder in the front and cascaded down her back. She wore a gold chain with a circular pendant around her neck and stood in front of a plain white wall while being photographed.

Each of the three photos highlighted tantalizing components of Brit's incredibly fit physique. Her chiseled abs were on full display in the first photo, and everybody got an eyeful of her lean figure.

The second snap showed Brit from the side, allowing everybody to see the curves of her perky booty. The final photo featured the model showing a sultry facial expression as she flaunted her flat tummy and peachy posterior.

In just one hour, about 15,000 of her fans had already liked this trio of photos. Additionally, more than 250 comments rolled in as people raved over the sexy swimsuit and Brit's sultry poses.

"WOW drop dead gorgeous as always goddess @britmanuela. Every day you take my breath. Have a wonderful evening," a follower wrote.

"Wow that face and body is a work of art," someone else detailed.

Plenty of appreciative emoji sprinkled notes throughout the comments section. However, it appeared that a number of people also felt that notes written in all capital letters added the level of emphasis and enthusiasm that Brit's sizzling-hot shots required.

"YOU ARE ON FIRE GIRL," one fan praised.


Earlier this week, Brit chose a blue tie-dye bikini for a set of shots that left her followers breathless. Her facial expressions in that array of snapshots conveyed something of a sweet, innocent, girl-next-door vibe.

This new group of pictures, however, certainly presented a much more sensual feel. Brit's fans went crazy over both bathing suits and vibes, as they never get tired of seeing the fitness model flaunting her killer physique in tiny ensembles like these.