Rachel Cook Plays A Sultry Secretary In Tight Leather Skirt & Knotted Blouse For New Instagram Snaps

Rachel Cook teased her 2.9 million Instagram followers with a sultry pair of snapshots on Tuesday, November 10. The 25-year-old model has had fun creating some titillating looks in recent weeks and this one quickly got pulses racing.

The two photos featured Rachel wearing a black leather skirt along with a light-brown button-down collared shirt. She held a pair of glasses in one hand as she stood in an office setting.

The office area was set up with the model standing behind a desk and next to a chair. A tall plant could be seen in the corner and a set of white blinds covered the window behind Rachel.

The model wore a wig with bangs and long, light-brown locks. It was styled with a center part and the tresses gently framed her face and tumbled over one shoulder.

A tattoo could be seen on one wrist and a bracelet adorned the other. In the first photo, she gazed toward the camera with a sultry expression on her face.

Rachel's blue eyes and slightly parted lips made for a killer expression. She rested the tip of one eyeglass temple against her lip and a fingertip of her free hand grazed the top of the desk.

The black leather pencil skirt stretched across Rachel's curvy hips and over her upper thighs. The shirttails were tied in a knot over her navel and she left the shirt mostly unbuttoned at the top. She cocked one hip to the side, offering a hint of her taut tummy.

In the second photo, Rachel essentially maintained the same position. However, she shifted her blue eyes to look to the side, away from the camera.

Rachel's caption teased that she had been having some fun pretending to be a secretary. She also directed everybody to her site to see more.

Just 40 minutes after she had first shared this tantalizing pair of pictures, the post had already been liked more than 20,000 times. Nearly 250 people commented and they had plenty of praise to heap on Rachel in response to this sultry set of teasers.

"It's unbelievable how beautiful you are," a fan raved.

"OMG loving this fantasy incredible beautiful," a second declared.

"Wow looks so unbelievably breathtaking beautiful," a follower wrote.

"Best looking secretary ever!!!" a fourth comment read.

Rachel's recent run of role-playing has frequently incorporated what seemed to be this same long, light-brown wig. A couple of weeks ago, she wore a little black dress and a wig to show off her curves. Shortly prior to that, she put the locks into low ponytails to teasingly portray a schoolgirl.

Every look that Rachel presents with these playful ensembles seems to become a major hit with her millions of Instagram followers.