CPS Takes Five Month Old After Parents Seek Second Opinion

Child Protective Services (CPS) has taken a five-month-old baby as a result of a medical dispute that led to the child’s parents seeking a second opinion from a second hospital. A team that included Sacramento, CA police officers took Sammy away on Wednesday night, and parents Anna and Alex Nikolayev still don’t know when they’ll get him back.

Sammy Nikolayev was born with a heart murmur, requiring his parents to take him to a doctor every two to three weeks. However, the problem apparently started when the Nikolayevs sought treatment for Sammy at Sutter Memorial for flu symptoms.

What happened next isn’t entirely clear. Sammy was admitted to the ICU but it seemed to Anna that he was being prepped for heart surgery instead of being treated for the flu.

That’s when the couple decided to take the baby to a second hospital, Kaiser Permanente, for a second opinion. A doctor there said that the baby was good to go home.

Although neither Sutter nor CPS have commented on the situation, citing medical and other privacy laws, it appears that Sutter retaliated by reporting the couple for child neglect. Police went to Kaiser, where a doctor told them that it was safe for the Nicolayevs to take the baby.

However, something must have gotten Anna’s radar up, because she set up a video camera to film what happened next. CPS and Sacramento police showed up there on Wednesday.

The officers reportedly shoved Alex on the ground outside the house and took his keys. The video doesn’t capture that, but it does show the police officers coming into the home and seizing the baby.


They have since been allowed a one-hour visit on Thursday and again on Friday to visit the five-month-old baby. But there are still no clear answers about why CPS took the child despite the second opinion from a doctor certifying Sammy as healthy enough to go home.

Clearly, we’re hearing only one side of the story, since Sutter and CPS haven’t broken their silence. But if the allegations are true, it would appear that CPS acted on the word of someone at Sutter, where one or more health care providers were apparently upset that the Nikolayevs questioned their competence and decided to seek out the second hospital.

What’s your read on the CPS second opinion scandal?

[baby photo by Langstrup via Shutterstock]