Bri Teresi Rocks A Yellow Mini Dress And Spills Beer On Her Chest While Taking On Golf Challenge

Bri Teresi showed off her impressive golf skills and guzzled some booze in her latest Instagram Reels video.

Bri typically charms her fans by rocking skimpy outfits that show a lot of skin, but her latest upload took her social media game to the next level. It showed her taking on the "beer tee challenge," and she totally smashed it.

The model was filmed outdoors on a golf course. In a post on her Instagram stories — which can be viewed here until it expires — she identified the scenic location as Alta Sierra Country Club in Grass Valley, California. She stood on the slope of a hill of the green, where she had a breathtaking view of a small pond and tall trees of different varieties.

Bri wore a thick striped beanie on her head. The knitted hat was green and gray, and it was topped with a large pompom. While the model's headwear indicated that it was cold outside, her outfit left a lot of skin exposed to the elements. She wore a yellow mini dress with a sporty polo design. The sleeves and button-up collar featured contrasting maroon and blue accents. The garment included a logo, but it was partially hidden behind Bri's curled blond hair.

Her dress had a slim fit, and its skirt fell to the top of her toned thighs. It clung to her pert posterior and stretched to hug her ample chest. She wore a single white glove on one hand and completed her outfit with a pair of trainers that were gray with dark blue accents and shoelaces.

At the start of the video, Bri was setting up for her shot. Instead of being stuck in the ground, her tee had been jabbed into a Budweiser beer can that was lying on its side.

Bri swung her club at the ball balanced on the setup, and it made a metallic "thwack" when she hit her target spot-on. As the flying ball disappeared into the distance, she bent over and grabbed the can. She then pulled the tab to open it.

The tee had fallen out, and Bri used the hole it left behind to shotgun the beer. Her cameraman could be heard laughing as the foamy beverage poured out of the can, spilling over her chest while she guzzled it down. When the model was finished drinking, she spiked the can on the ground.

"Buzzed golf, baby!" she yelled before beginning to laugh.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Bri hit the links in another hot look for a stunning photo op on the green. She rocked a tight white top and a pink pleated miniskirt while posing with one hand resting on her club.