Lindsey Vonn Gets Sweaty In A Black Bra For Intense Workout Video

Amanda Lynne

Lindsey Vonn shared a new Instagram update on Tuesday morning that gave her 2.1 million followers a look into her intense training regimen. The Olympic skier hit the gym in the workout video that saw her pushing her athletic body to the max.

In the clip, Lindsey looked determined and ready to take on any challenges as she got sweaty in front of the camera. She rocked a black bra that clung to her chest and exposed her muscular arms and shoulders. The garment also put the spotlight on her flat tummy and rock-hard abs.

Lindsey added a pair of camo leggings. The skintight bottoms wrapped snugly around her slim waist and curvy hips while accentuating her round booty. Her toned legs were also on full display in the post. She accessorized with only a gold watch on her wrist.

In the video, Lindsey was dripping sweat as she held a medicine ball above her head and sported a resistance band around her thighs. She also lifted weights and did some squats while exercising her muscles.

Lindsey wore her long blond hair parted in the center. The locks were braided into two pigtails, which at times fell behind her back and hung over both of her shoulders.

In the caption, she revealed that she was sporting athletic gear from Under Armour in celebration and support for veterans, first responders, and medical professionals.

"Awesome!!! Love the cause, love the power you show in this. My bada** sister!" one follower stated.

"Amazing. You're such an inspo," another wrote.

"Love beauty strong sholders [sic]," a third user gushed.

"This video gave me so much motivation to hit the gym you have no idea. You are a beast. A strong and gorgeous woman who inspires us all," a fourth person wrote.

The athlete never seems to shy away from showing off her fit figure in her online uploads, even if that means taking criticism from body shamers.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Lindsey recently uploaded multiple shots of herself rocking skimpy swimwear as she told her haters to get lost, admitting that she's not perfect and stressing it's okay to have flaws. That post was also a hit. To date, it's pulled in more than 395,000 likes and over 23,000 comments.