'One Piece' Chapter 995 Spoilers: Marco Fights Big Mom, Carrot & Wanda Team Up Against Perospero

One Piece Chapter 995 is yet to be officially released but spoilers are already surfacing on the web. According to the spoilers posted on Reddit, the upcoming chapter of One Piece is set to feature the epic battle between the Big Mom Pirates captain and Emperor Charlotte Linlin and former Whitebeard Pirates first division commander Marco the Phoenix. The fight will also involve Charlotte Perospero, Carrot, and Wanda.

On their way to Onigashima, Marco and Perospero initially agreed to temporarily set aside their rivalry and join forces in taking down the Beast Pirates captain and Emperor Kaido. While Marco really intended to help Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates alliance, Perospero wanted to beat Emperor Kaido because he smelled something fishy about his newly formed alliance with his mother.

Unfortunately, the alliance between Marco and Perospero immediately came to an end when they met Emperor Big Mom in Onigashima. Linlin told her eldest son to trust her and support their alliance with the Beast Pirates. Now that it's clear they are fighting on opposites sides, Marco was left with no choice but to engage in a battle with Emperor Big Mom and Perospero.

Based on the spoilers, Chapter 995 is set to show the start of the fight between Marco and Big Mom. With the help of his devil fruit ability, it is revealed that Whitebeard's right-hand man is capable of damaging Prometheus, a homie created using Linlin's own soul. However, even with his extraordinary power, beating two formidable opponents at a time won't be easy.

Members of the Straw Hat Pirates gather and start a banquet.
Flickr/ Public Domain | tofoli.douglas

Luckily, when he's set to be pushed into the corner by the enemies, two reinforcements, Carrot and Wanda, will arrive to give Marco a hand. From the time they saw Perospero in Onigashima, Carrot and Wanda immediately headed to his location with the goal of avenging the death of Pedro, the mink who was killed when the Straw Hat Pirates infiltrated the Whole Cake Island.

After putting Marco down, Emperor Big Mom will walk away to go after Luffy's group next. Carrot and Wanda will ask Marco to chase Linlin while they are trying to keep Perospero busy. Chapter 995 will also feature On Air Pirates captain Scratchmen Apoo running around Onigashima while carrying the antidote for Queen the Plague's "Ice Oni."

More and more people inside the banquet hall are being infected by the virus. As the spoilers revealed, one of the latest victims will be Straw Hat Pirates doctor Tony Tony Chopper. The upcoming chapter will also show the fight involving Nami, Usopp, and Ulti of the Flying Six and the arrival of Tama, Komainu, and Gyukimaru in Onigashima.