'This Is Us' Fans Question Randall's Origin Story Ahead Of New Episode

This Is Us fans appear to be divided over Randall Pearson's origin story ahead of the newest episode, which will air tonight. In the comments section of an Instagram post seen here, viewers spoke of the introduction of his presumed-dead mother Laurel and the big reveal in the last seconds of Episode 2 that she did not die after childbirth.

They appeared to be divided in their statements.

"I must say I am disappointed with this season so far. Really don't need to watching COVID while we're living it. And Randall's mother 'reveal' is just a typical soap opera twist. I had more faith in this is us to not do such a pointless, unrealistic storyline just for shock value," wrote one fan.

"I love This Is Us....but they are really doing the most by alluding to Randall's mother being alive. I thought they were reaching with Uncle Nicky's story. His father would just leave the woman he's in love with and just had a baby with, just lying there? Doesn't reach out to the family or attend her funeral????" commented a second viewer.

A third Instagram user felt that Randall's birth mom being alive was too much story to handle. They wondered if either William or Laurel ever went back to the apartment or if she just disappeared.


After telling William that she was pregnant with their child, Laurel vowed to remain sober. In the hours after Randall's birth, she asked him to give her something for her pain. The following morning, he tried to awaken her and realized that she overdosed. He called the paramedics and the young woman was pronounced dead as her partner watched and held their baby.

Afraid that he would be locked up for using and that their son would be taken away by child services, he left their apartment and dropped Randall off at the fire station. He would later visit his son at the hospital one last time, and ironically, crossed paths with the man that would eventually adopt the infant as his own, Jack Pearson.

The new scene showed the young mom's stunning revival and Randall's father staying on a bus instead of getting off at his normal stop.

It was implied in an earlier season of This Is Us via an interaction between William and Rebecca that he believed his love had died. Therefore, if this twist in Randall's origin story is fleshed out, fans will likely be informed just where his birth mom was for the past 40 years and if she had ever searched for her son.

Show creator Dan Fogelman revealed in an interview with Deadline that the answers regarding Laurel's backstory will come within the first half of this season. Viewers will also find out how this affects Randall moving forward. He shared that this will be a big part of Randall's journey and what learning her history does for him.