Ainsley Rodriguez Shows Off Her Derrière In Cheeky Aqua Bikini Bottoms For Intense Poolside Sweat Session

Ainsley Rodriguez demonstrated an intense core workout for her latest Instagram update, but she directed her fans' attention to her pert derrière by wearing a pair of seriously skimpy bottoms.

The fitness influencer shared a series of videos in a slideshow format. They were filmed outdoors, where she sweated it out beside a small pool. The serene setting included a Buddha statue and a few shady palm trees. However, Ainsley chose a location that allowed the sun to beam down on her body.

She was appropriately dressed for the setting in a bikini that left most of her toned physique uncovered. Her charcoal top boasted an athletic bralette style with a racerback cut. Slanted black stripes gave the garment a textured appearance, while a peekaboo cutout provided a glimpse of underboob.

The top's low neckline further sexed up her sporty look by showing off a significant amount of Ainsley's abundant cleavage, but her mismatched bottoms were even more revealing. They were a vibrant aqua color with ties on the sides. The clingy back fit her booty like a glove to highlight all of its curves, and the seat's cheeky style also exposed a lot of skin.

The piece's waist was low in the front, so Ainsley's online audience was also able to admire her washboard abs' incredible definition. She showed her fans a few different ways that she works her core, and they were all moves that could be performed at home. However, in her caption, she warned followers that their stomach muscles won't look ripped unless they also watch what they eat.

Two of Ainsley's exercises gave her viewers an eyeful of her bodacious backside. In the second slide, she performed a single leg plank twist, which required her to turn her back toward the camera as she brought her left knee to her right elbow while in the plank position.

For the plank twist in the fourth slide, she got down on her elbows and twisted her torso from side to side so that her hips hit the ground. Her bottoms rode up significantly to reveal even more of her rear end. As she worked, a sheen of sweat covered her tan skin.

The trainer opted to exercise barefoot on a blue mat, and she added a touch of bling to her look by sporting a pair of diamond solitaire earrings and a bangle bracelet. She wore her black hair pulled up in a sleek high ponytail.

Ainsley's followers flocked to the comments section of the post to let her know how much they appreciated her lesson as well as the view.

"I can watch you all day 24/7 just you are so cute," wrote one fan.

"Awesome workout! Those abs and obliques you got are stunning!" read another comment.

"Cutest butt ever!" gushed a third admirer.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Ainsley recently demonstrated a lower body workout with loop bands in another popular post.