Lauren Simpson Busts Out Of Sports Bra & Flaunts Killer Figure In Latest Instagram Update

Lauren Simpson takes a mirror selfie in a gray top.
Lauren Simpson / Instagram

Fitness model Lauren Simpson took to popular social media platform Instagram on Tuesday, November 10 to post a new update in which she flaunted her killer figure and extreme strength while performing the conventional deadlift.

For the workout, Lauren wore a pink outfit that consisted of a sports bra and leggings. The top included thick straps and a low, scooped neckline that teased her busty chest. The eye was also drawn to her chiseled arm, shoulder, and back muscles left bare by the lack of covering. A strip of toned tummy could also be seen between her upper and lower halves. The leggings rose high on Lauren’s waist and featured a thick waistband that contoured perfectly to her curves. They emphasized her muscular legs and sculpted booty.

Lauren completed the look with a pair of white socks and matching sneakers. She accessorized with a black exercise watch and wore her long, platinum-blond tresses in a high ponytail that trailed down her back in a chunky braid.

The exercise session took place at Botany Fitness, according to the geotag on the update. Lauren performed her weight-training regime on a large, black mat. A variety of gym equipment and weight-lifting machines made up the background of the frame. The first slide featured two videos of Lauren side-by-side as she performed a conventional deadlift using a barbell stacked with a total of 40 kg. (88 lbs.) in plate weights. The following two slides showed screenshots from the clips with tips for proper execution written in white lettering over the photos.

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How to: CONVENTIONAL DEADLIFT ???????? Front & side view! ???? – PLEASE SAVE + RESHARE TO YOUR STORIES! Knowledge is power!???????? – By far the most common exercise you girls struggle with based on my Q&As & DMs are DEADLIFTS. – This is one of my favourite posterior chain compound movements. Compared to a Romanian deadlift, this starts and ends from the floor and is a longer pull so more taxing on your body. You generally can lift more weight as you do reset at the bottom & are able to use a big leg drive from the floor. – Here are a few basic coaching cues I like for conventional deadlift. – Next time you are lifting, pick a couple that you really want to focus on e.g. LEG DRIVE, BACK TIGHT.???? – CONVENTIONAL DEADLIFT: . Narrow stance. Hands just outside knees. Pull shoulder blades down (back tight) Big breath in & brace before lifting.(hold your breath from set up to lockout). Long arms. Neutral spine – neck in line with spine. Hip hinge. Screw feet into the floor – knees out to externally rotate hips/glutes. Think of leg pressing the floor as you stand up. Keep bar close at all times. It should basically ‘skim your shins’. – A big one that’s been a game changer for me is too reset each rep. Treat each rep as 1! I learned this from @coachmarkcarroll . That means at the starting position each time ensure back is tight, pull slack out of bar, big breath in & push the ground away as you stand up. – – I hope this post helped! ???????????? let me know! ???? @laurensimpsonfitness

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In the left video, Lauren was filmed from the front. She placed one hand over the barbell and the other under and then lowered her body into a squat to begin the lift. She slowly raised her upper body, straightening her legs and holding the position before lowering herself once more. The right clip showed the same move, but from the side angle. Viewers got an eyeful of Lauren’s enviable backside as she completed the lifts.

In the caption of the post, Lauren wrote out the tips for a proper deadlift that she included in the second two slides. They included pulling the shoulder blades down, keeping the arms long, maintaining a narrow stance, and hinging at the hip.

The post earned a few thousand likes and several dozen comments within the first couple of hours of appearing on the photo-sharing site.

“So useful!!! Thank you,” one grateful fan wrote in the comments section.

“Amazing Lauren….so helpful,” another follower commented.