Kara Del Toro Sizzles In A Sexy Mini Dress With Thigh-High Boots

Maxim bombshell Kara Del Toro thrilled her 1.6 million Instagram followers with her most recent update, a sizzling trio of snaps in which she rocked a sexy ensemble. In the images, she stood outdoors in an area lined with breathtaking tiles. Several large stone and brick arches were visible behind her, adding a stunning backdrop to the shots. Sunlight shone down on the scene, although it was blocked in certain areas, casting a unique shadow over the frame.

In the first shot, Kara had one arm raised in the air, blocking the rays with her hand. She flaunted her curvaceous figure in a white mini dress that had sculpted cups almost resembling a bra, with a ruffled trim along the neckline. The garment dipped low, showing off a tantalizing amount of cleavage. The bodice hugged her slim waist before the bottom portion of the look skimmed over her shapely hips and ended with an asymmetrical ruffled hem just a few inches down her thighs.

She layered a dark khaki blazer over the top of the mini dress, giving a unique vibe to the ensemble, and finished off with a few eye-catching accessories. Around her neck she wore a chunky gold chain, which drew even more attention to her chest. She also carried a bag crafted from quilted cream-colored leather and wore thigh-high boots.

Her long locks were parted in the middle, and they tumbled down her chest and back in tousled waves.

For the second snap, she switched her purse to the other hand and kept her gaze focused on something in the distance. For the final slide in the update, she turned her attention to the camera, staring at the lens with her lips parted in a sultry expression. She had a pair of earrings on as well, which became visible when her textured tresses were swept back a bit.

Her followers absolutely loved the update, and the post received over 13,600 likes within three hours of going live. It also racked up 103 comments in the same time span.

"You are so beautiful. One of the most beautiful babes in the world," one fan wrote.

"Stunning," another user chimed in.

"Looking gorgeous," a third admirer remarked, including a heart eyes emoji in the comment.

"When impeccable sense of fashion meets celestial beauty, this is what you get," yet another added, including a string of flame emoji in the comment.

A few days ago, as The Inquisitr reported, Kara shared a steamy series of shots in which she wore another skimpy dress. That particular look was crafted from a chocolate brown silk that clung to her curvaceous figure, and she added a pop of visual interest with her choice of patterned tights.