WWE's Charlotte Flair Shows Off Long Legs In Short Dress

WWE superstar Charlotte Flair uploaded a stunning black-and-white photograph to social media on Monday, much to the delight of her millions of admirers.

In the photo, the 12-time Women's Champion sat on a furry rug and stared into the camera with a mysterious smile on her face.

Her long blond hair sat in a perfect position over her shoulders and chest as she relaxed for the camera.

Flair wore a short dress that showed off her long legs and athletic physique. She sat with her left leg in the air, while her accompanying foot was positioned against a nearby wall.

The blond bombshell also wore a pair of long black heels to top off the simple, albeit glamorous, outfit.

In the accompanying caption, Flair quoted Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street, encouraging her followers to chase their goals. The motivational quote is all about people standing in the way of pursuing their dreams and making excuses for their shortcomings. As Flair's career has proved, it's possible to live the dream life if you work hard to achieve it.

The post, which has received over 29,000 likes as of this writing, sent Flair's followers into a frenzy. Many of her peers and fans complimented her appearance, though many also expressed their frustrations because they miss seeing her on WWE television.

"Beautiful and stunning as always Queen," wrote one Instagram user.

"How can one person make me so happy," asked a second Instagrammer.

"Come back and collect your title queen," a third Instagram follower advised.

Flair had just relinquished the NXT Women's Championship prior to her injury. However, she also returned to Monday Night Raw and looked set to potentially win the red brand's equivalent title from Asuka.

While there's been no confirmation as to when fans can expect Flair back on their screens, it will probably be soon. She was chosen for the red brand during October's draft, suggesting that she's fit to compete again.

Performers with long-term injury woes tend to be left out of company drafts unless they're close to returning. The fact that she's been so openly acknowledged on the company's programming during her absence suggests they want viewers to be talking about her.

However, she has kept her fans happy with her picture uploads, especially one which saw her dress up as Catwoman and pin her boyfriend to the ground. The wrestler is currently taking a break from in-ring competition while she recovers from surgery.