Niece Waidhofer Rocks An Orange Bikini & Cups Her Busty Chest With Her 'Man Hands' For 'Pokémon' Cosplay

Niece Waidhofer used the size of her hands and ample bust to her advantage to dress up like an anime character for her latest creative photo.

On Monday, the Texas model took to Instagram to show off yet another Pokémon-inspired costume. Her newest cosplay creation was based on James, one of the animated series' antagonists. To portray the male character, she rocked a shiny purple wig. She also used contacts or image-editing software to make her eyes look bright green.

She wore an orange bikini with fixed triangle cups that were a bit small for her colossal cleavage. A significant amount of her chest spilled out of the bottom of her top, and even more of her bust burst above the low neckline.

Niece wore a sheer yellow sarong tied over her bottoms, which boasted a low scooped front. The angled position of the swimsuit cover-up highlighted her hips' curvy shape.

She enlisted the help of her adorable pet Pomeranian, Boujee Kim Jose Waidhofer, to help recreate a specific scene from the Pokémon episode "Beauty and the Beach." She dressed the pooch up like the character Misty by placing a small red wig on the canine's head. The hairpiece was styled in a high ponytail.

Niece cupped her sizable breasts with both hands as she stared directly at the camera. She also parted her crimson lips and curved them up in a small smile. Meanwhile, Boujee almost looked dejected and ashamed as she lowered her head and partially closed her eyes. She was sitting on top of a stool beside Niece.

In her caption, Niece joked that her "jawline and man hands" were perfect for the cosplay. Her post included a screenshot of the "Beauty and the Beach" scene she and her pet were recreating.

According to Decider, a few Pokémon characters entered a beauty contest in the episode, including James. To compete against the women, he wore a costume that included a bikini and inflatable breasts. He also used his fake cleavage to torment Misty by making her feel insecure about the size of her chest. The episode was originally banned in all countries outside Asia, but it later aired on television in 2000 with the bikini scenes edited out.

Niece's humorous tribute to the cartoon received tons of love from her followers, a few of whom were impressed with Boujee's acting skills.

"How'd you get your dog to recreate that face so accurately?" one fan asked in the comments section.

"I taped the scalp of a troll doll to the top of her head and made her sit for pictures," read Niece's response.