Niece Waidhofer Shows Off Her 'Boobs In A White Tank Top' & Bares Buns In Revealing Frayed Bottoms

Texas model Niece Waidhofer argued that white tank tops look better on women than men in her usual witty manner, and she provided photographic proof of her claim.

In an Instagram post that she shared on Monday, Niece noted that white tank tops are sometimes referred to by the slang term "wife beater" when they are worn by a man. However, she suggested that a woman who rocks one of the sleeveless undershirts is "wife material."

The model did earn a few marriage proposals from her followers after they feasted their eyes on her latest steamy photo. One fan even tried to tempt her with a ring and some brand new apparel.

"I'll buy you a 5 pack of white tank tops then, along with a Blow Pop ring from the checkout line at Wal-Mart," the admirer joked.

In her photo, Niece wore one of the thin ribbed shirts — with one major alteration. By tying up the front of the top between her breasts, she made sure that it clung tightly to her ample assets. She also bared her taut tummy, which was so slim that it barely bulged out at all as she arched her gracefully curved back.

The lissome model rocked a pair of gray bottoms that were crafted from jersey fabric. They had frayed edges, as if their cheeky cut had been created by hand. The formfitting number displayed an eyeful of Niece's pert derriere.

Her fans likely had a difficult time choosing where to look, as her toned thighs also drew the eye. Niece emphasized her legs' slim shape by wearing a pair of sheer black thigh-high stockings with lace garter detailing.

Niece's brunette locks were slightly messy on top, and they spilled down her back to reach the top of her curvy buns. She appeared to be observing something outside while she stood in front of a window with one foot propped up. She stared down between the partially open slats of the Venetian blinds with a contemplative look on her face.

Two hours after she shared her post, it had already racked up more than 46,000 likes. In the comments section, her fans praised her appearance and her choice of caption. One person also made an observation about her pic.

"The shadow of the blinds gives u a 6 pack," the comment read.

"Almost. But rest assured, I am still a lazy sack of sh*t," Niece replied.

"You are the hottest babe here. With the most amazing captions," gushed another admirer.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Niece also wowed her fans with her wit after she received "unsolicited eyebrow advice" from her followers. She clapped back at her critics using a photo of herself with her pants pulled down.