N.J. Murder Girls Video May Have Led To House Arrest For 12 Year Olds [Video]

The New Jersey (NJ) “Murder Girls” video may have caused police to place two 12-year-old Paterson girls under house arrest, with a plan to bring charges against them on Monday morning. That’s what some of the parents of girls on the so-called “hit list” told local reporters on Friday, but it isn’t clear if they’re right.

The Paterson police and Paterson 27 School officials wouldn’t confirm that statement.

Paterson Mayor Jeffery Jones also picked his words carefully: “The nation is in a very alerted and alarmed state… I think it just puts us all, and should put us all, in a place where we pay attention.”

Sure, if there’s a real threat and the girls had real weapons other than a big mouth and a cell phone video camera, take action. But was there ever a hit list at all or just two young girls with a bad sense of humor?

Although it’s difficult to get a feel for the so-called N.J. murder girls now that their video has been removed from You Tube, the remaining clips floating around don’t seem all that threatening. It’s a case of one girl free-associating in front of the camera while another girl apparently films the video.

Both girls are laughing and horsing around. The star says she’d be the best assassin ever and boasts that she has “special killing thingies” for each of her roughly one dozen proposed victims.

You can get on the list just because “oh I don’t know why…she’s so annoying.”

Gosh. I’m trembling in my boots already.

The problem apparently started on Tuesday, when a teacher gave out a writing assignment that perhaps allowed the seventh graders to use a little too much imagination. One of the girls wrote up a list of people she wanted to kill.

And one of the enemies either was genuinely frightened or else seized an opportunity to make trouble. Either way, she called her mom crying that she’d been threatened — and that mother demanded answers.

On Thursday, the parents met with school officials. At that time, Jones acknowledged that there probably was “never a serious threat…I’ve not been given any specific details, but all indications are no.”

The Paterson 27 principal reportedly told one of the mothers that the girl making the supposed threats wouldn’t be allowed back in class until she was cleared by a doctor.

However, when she got medical clearance and was placed in a different classroom the next day, the parents still weren’t happy. And that’s when the alleged victims said that they found the You Tube N.J. “murder girls” video.

Both girls have now been removed from school, although reports conflict about whether they’ve been officially suspended. The parents of the girls on the hit list say that the girls obviously need help. Well, maybe. Make up your own mind.

At the time of writing, very brief clips from the so-called hit list video can be seen here, along with the parents’ reaction:

In that video, which might be removed at any time, the concerned mothers repeat the so far unsubstantiated claim that the 12-year-old N.J. murder girls have been arrested.

[knives photo by Fotokannanvia Wikipedia Commons]