Tuesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Cyrus Threatens Lulu

Lulu Spencer has been determined to expose Cyrus Renault and tear him down, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that she could face major trouble for her efforts. The two will cross paths during Tuesday's show, and this interaction may generate some major buzz among the show's viewers.

According to SheKnows Soaps, this upcoming confrontation could reveal something intriguing to everybody. Teasers suggest that something Cyrus says will provide a hint about why he is so incredibly interested in the Spencer family.

Cyrus has clearly had an interest in Laura Spencer Collins since he arrived in Port Charles. It hasn't seemed like a romantic tilt, but it certainly has appeared to be something more than just trying to convince her he's a good guy.

Whatever is driving Cyrus' interest in this family, it looks like Lulu may end up on the wrong side of the mobster when all is said and done. At one point during this upcoming conversation, he'll issue a veiled threat.

The General Hospital sneak peek for Tuesday showed that Cyrus will tell Lulu that he is in a position to make her life very difficult. This is obviously intended to get her to back away from her investigation into him. Unfortunately, knowing Lulu, this may just prompt her to push even harder.

Emme Rylan plays Lulu Spencer on General Hospital.
Walt Disney Television | Todd Wawrychuk

Will Cyrus' veiled threats soon turn into something dangerous? General Hospital spoilers have suggested that Lulu will not be in Port Charles much longer.

Actress Emme Rylan has supposedly been fired, although she has yet to explicitly confirm that. However, all signs seem to point toward Lulu being written out in some way soon, perhaps before the end of the month.

Would Cyrus outright have Lulu killed if she won't stop investigating him? Would General Hospital really go that far with this character? The currently available teasers don't provide any solid insight on this, but this situation with Cyrus surely factors into what's ahead in some way.

In addition, Genie Francis will finally return as Laura next week. Lulu will be glad to see her mother again, and she'll quickly fill her in on all of the Cyrus-related developments.

The November 10 show will also bring more details related to Finn's fight for survival. The injuries he received after Alex shot him are dire, and his loved ones won't stray far from General Hospital as his surgery continues.

Tuesday will also bring more with Alexis, as well as Curtis digging into some past cases. General Hospital spoilers suggest that this week will be filled with plenty of chaos, and the November 10 episode will reveal some hints regarding what's next.