Pamela Anderson, 53, Rocks Daisy Dukes And Squats Down In Bedazzled Boots For Post About Love

Pamela Anderson experimented with a cowgirl look for a photo that she shared with her fans on Monday.

The 53-year-old Baywatch star has made waves for wearing skimpy swimsuits and even less throughout her career as an actress and model, but she remained a bit more covered-up in the artistic shot posted on her Instagram page. The picture was taken outdoors, where she posed in front of a rustic wooden building with weathered, whitewashed walls. She squatted down close to the ground near a corner of the structure in front of a doorstep.

Pamela sat back on her heels and placed her elbows on her knees. She appeared to be appreciating the delicate beauty of the remains of the fluffy-headed dandelion that she held in her fingers. As she gazed off into the distance, her lips curved up in a half-smile.

The Playboy model made her legs the star of the show by rocking a pair of distressed Daisy Dukes. They were cut high enough on the thigh to reveal a hint of her pert derriere, which added a touch of sex appeal to her otherwise tame photo op. She teamed the denim cutoffs with a white long-sleeved shirt. Long dark fringe decorated the shoulders and back, giving the garment plenty of western flair. She opted to leave the cuffs unbuttoned so that she could push the sleeves up.

Pamela completed her ensemble with a pair of black mid-calf boots embellished with rhinestones arranged in swirling patterns. The shoes also had high block heels.

The Barb Wire star's platinum blond locks spilled down her back in messy waves, and a few pieces of hair covered her left eye to create a sensual effect.

Pamela dished out some advice for couples in her caption, where she listed a number of traits that she believes are important for a good long-term relationship. They included being sexual, having no secrets, being monogamous, visiting museums, and appreciating music.

During an interview with Fox News, Pamela revealed that she's "old school" when it comes to relationships, and she confessed that she initially wasn't a fan of online dating. However, her views changed after becoming the creative director of the Jasmin webcamming site. She also said that what she's looking for in a romantic partner is "honesty and rawness and being authentic."

The iconic sex symbol's followers awarded her Instagram post about love with over 6,000 likes during the first hour it was on her page. Its like count still has a ways to go to catch the tens of thousands earned by another photo that she shared recently. In that steamy shot, she wore nothing but a belly chain.