'Bachelorette' Fans Say No More 'Stripping' As Tayshia Adams & Chris Harrison Tease Ball-Themed Date

The Bachelorette fans are reacting to a new teaser for the ABC dating show that they're hoping won't turn into a repeat date idea.

On his Instagram page, host Chris Harrison shared a photo with new leading lady Tayshia Adams as they posed together on the grounds of the La Quinta Resort & Club, where filming for the ABC dating show took place earlier this year. In the photo, Tayshia wore a cute, off-shoulder romper as she clutched a basketball. Chris stood alongside with his hands on his hips, wearing casual khaki pants and a striped shirt. In the pic, the two shared a laughed while they looked off in the distance.

In the caption to the post, the longtime host of The Bachelor franchise teased that it is time to start the series over with a new Bachelorette following Clare Crawley's premature departure last week.

But in the comments section, fans zeroed in on the basketball in Tayshia's hand as they wondered what kind of group date she had planned and if it would mirror a controversial one helmed by Clare during her portion of the season.

"Hopefully there won't be anymore stripping," one viewer wrote.

"Tayshia girl pls don't make them strip," another added.

"Please tell me you guys are NOT playing 'strip basketball'!!" another fan asked.

Chris responded to the comment.

"No but we have more balls," The Bachelorette host joked.

Others insinuated that they were glad to be done with Clare and her inappropriate dates.

"Glad to see someone with class on here," one viewer wrote.

For those who skipped Clare's three weeks as The Bachelorette, last month some viewers were outraged over the original leading lady's suggestion that her suitors play "strip dodge ball". At the time, viewers bashed the racy group idea which had the losing team stripping down to less than their skivvies, and some even called Clare out on social media.

After one viewer blasted Clare's risqué date and said former Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis should have made her take her clothes off when she was on his season, she shared a photo of fellow contestants Andi Dorfman and Lucy Aragon as they stripped down for a photoshoot with The Bachelor star.

"You mean like this?" Clare fired back, per E! News.

Ball-themed dates aside, fans can probably expect Tayshia's part of the season to be much different than Clare's. While Clare only had eyes for suitor Dale Moss from the moment he got out of the limo at the resort, Tayshia reportedly fell for multiple men as she finished out her run as The Bachelorette.