Khloe Terae Strips Down And Covers Bare Booty With A Tiny Towel During Healing Massage

Khloe Terae wowed her 2.4 million Instagram followers on Sunday night with a series of titillating images that showcased her incredible physique. She was completely naked, stretched out on a massage table with only a towel covering her backside while gazing seductively at the camera.

The Canadian-born model now resides in California, but her social media headline indicates that Khloe is currently spending some time in an even warmer climate. In this share, she geotagged her location at a rejuvenating spa in Tulum, Mexico.

She confirmed in the caption that her post captured the process of a luxurious treatment, and expressed the importance of self-care.

Fellow model Andreane Chamberland was one of over 6,300 fans to hit the "like" button in response to the alluring post.

Khloe reclined belly-down with her legs together and extended straight out. Her arms were raised over her head, palms down, and her elbows were bent slightly out to the sides.

In the first photo, she rested her head in the crook of her right arm with her cheek against her loose, tousled hair and stared up at the camera with wide eyes. She held a long sprig of what appeared to be eucalyptus near her face, and a series of five clear, irregularly-shaped crystals were spaced evenly along her spine.

The next snap was shot close-up from a slightly different angle, which gave an enticing glimpse of the swell of her bare breasts.

The background in the images indicated that Khloe's massage occurred in a rustic setting. It featured a thatched hut just large enough to accommodate the treatment table, a chair, and the therapist providing the experience. It was also covered in the front and back with a generous draping of white mosquito netting.

The outside of a similar shelter could be seen many feet away, past a collection of slender, sun-dappled palm trees.

Many of Khloe's prolific Instagram posts suggests that the active model could use a little pampering. As covered by TheInquisitr late last month, Khloe showed off her incredible flexibility during a beachside training session in which she balanced on one leg and thrust the other straight into the air, grasping her ankle over her head with the opposing hand. Another snap in the series pictured her performing the splits on top of the wooden railing surrounding a lifeguard stand.

She wore a skintight, two-piece athletic ensemble featuring a white and blue print that beautifully complemented her fair complexion and left little to the imagination.