Bru Luccas Displays Major Cleavage And Tight Abs Wearing Tiny String Bikini

Bru Luccas teased her 3.6 million Instagram followers with a sultry video update on Sunday evening. The Brazilian-born fitness model wore a revealing bikini that showed off her killer physique and relaxed in a gorgeous, tropical setting.

The track "Hieroglyph" by artists Thomas McNeice and April Mackay was chosen to accompany the post. The clip racked up over 56,000 views in the first several hours after it went live.

Bru wore a pastel bathing suit in lavender and pink. The pale purple top featured skimpy demi-cups that barely contained her impressive bust; her breasts nearly spilled out over them, and some underboob was clearly visible below the underwire. A narrow strip of fabric connected the pieces and the tight fit of the garment caused it to stretch taut between her cleavage.

The bikini bottoms featured a gathered section of pink fabric attached to strings, which were tied in bows on the sides of her hips, and were the same shade as the bra-style top.

She wrapped a white bandanna into a strip and used it to pull her long, brunette hair away from her face and carried an elaborately woven straw handbag with her. She also accessorized with a few beaded bracelets around her left wrist.

In the still image introducing the post, Bru was sprawled out on a double outdoor lounge featuring lime green cushions lined with white piping. The furniture was placed just feet away from the edge of a shallow wading pool, which glimmered in the sunshine. A small wicker table sat on her left, upon which a yellow-and-turquoise can was placed.

Bru's figure was bathed in the bright light, which accentuated the lines of muscular definition across her abdominal region and created a deep shadow in the depth of her cleavage.

She reclined flat on her back, with her arms raised over her head and elbows bent out to either side. Her palms faced the sky and her fingertips came together just above her head.

Bru's right leg was extended straight out in front of her, and the left was bent slightly, creating an alluring line down the back of her thigh and around the curve of her voluptuous backside.

The videographer stood to one side and parallel with the top of Bru's hands with the camera angled down, creating the perfect vantage point from which to view her enviable assets.

A large wooden dowel, which appeared to be the base of a beach umbrella, cut vertically through the frame, partially blocking Bru's face.