'General Hospital' Spoilers: Michael Is Ready To End His Marriage, But Willow Has Lots To Say About That

Kim Brandow

General Hospital spoilers tease that the week of November 9 will have Michael and Willow once again trying to figure things out. They married not for love or for money, but to keep evil Nelle Benson from getting custody of Wiley. Now that she is supposedly dead, they have decided to get an annulment. However, Willow may have something more to say about that.

It had been decided between Michael and Willow that the best thing to do right now is to free themselves and go their separate ways, but also to keep co-parenting Wiley. That way they would be free enough to find someone else. What neither one of them has admitted yet is that they may have already found love with each other. According to General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central, that may change once Willow decides to let it all out.

Michael is expected to be on the receiving end when his wife goes to him to seemingly share her feelings. It sounds like she is ready to admit her true feelings for Michael and that she doesn't want the annulment after all. He will be getting an important document this upcoming week, which is likely the annulment papers for him to sign. He is ready to let Willow go because he doesn't want to hold her back from loving someone else.

Before Willow has her say with her husband, she will get wind of Chase's grief over his brother Finn's shooting. Finn's condition is critical and Willow is expected to find Chase praying in the chapel. She will be a comfort to him. Many General Hospital fans are hoping that these two will get back together, but the spoilers hint that although she will be there for her ex, Willow will end up staying with Michael for now.

Willow won't be holding herself back when it comes to her husband. That likely means that she will let him know that she has fallen for him and wants to make their marriage work. That could also lead them to finally consummating their marriage. There could be some love in the afternoon-COVID-style-coming up on General Hospital in the next few days.

It may be wise for this couple to stay together because there is always a possibility that Nelle, Wiley's mom, may not be dead after all. Fans believe that there will be some kind of twist in her death and that she will pop up to cause even more trouble for Michael and Willow. Seeking revenge has always been her way.