Clare Crawley & Dale Moss Share Fun Videos Via Instagram After Wild 'Bachelorette' Ride

The Bachelorette viewers watched quite the wild episode this past Thursday night when Clare Crawley and Dale Moss declared their love for one another and got engaged. The two wasted no time in reaffirming their adoration for one another as their engagement aired on ABC, and now they are giving fans some candid, casual peeks into their current life.

On Saturday, both Dale and Clare shared sweet videos via their Instagram pages. They were in Clare's car driving through her hometown of Sacramento, using funny, altered voices as they joked around.

In his caption, Dale wrote that he was finally getting a VIP tour of Clare's hometown. He wore a black beanie and gray hoodie as he sat in her car. She had on dark sunglasses, black leggings, and a light-colored hoodie as she sat on the driver's side.

Clare shared her clip a few hours before her fiancé uploaded his. In her caption, the reality television star noted that they were heading out to get their first coffee together. Luckily, these two don't have to keep their relationship status under wraps for the rest of the season. By the looks of things, they are very happy and doing well.

In less than a day, Clare's post received about 104,000 likes and 1,600 comments. Dale's update was quite popular among his followers as well.

"You guys are adorable. Super happy for you," one fan noted on Clare's post.

"You two are freaking beautiful together and I love it!" another detailed.

There was certainly no shortage of adoration for The Bachelorette pair in the comments section of Clare's funny update.

"You two have an undeniable connection! Wishing you much laughter and happiness always," a follower raved.

"You guys are EXACTLY what America needs right now!!!!!!" someone else determined.

After months of rumors, The Bachelorette viewers were excited to finally see Clare and Dale's big episode. Before this particular show aired, plenty of people doubted that they really could have been ready to get engaged after knowing one another less than two weeks. However, the chemistry throughout the four episodes that featured them was undeniable.

All of that happened in late July, so people were anxious to see if their romance would successfully transition to the real world. It's obviously still early, as they've only been able to be together publicly for a few days. However, so far, it appears that Clare and Dale really are a good fit and are head-over-heels in love.

As everybody watches their story continue away from the cameras, the season now shifts to focus on Tayshia Adams. She's stepping in to hand out roses, and spoilers hint that she'll have quite the ride ahead herself.