'Mama June' Shannon Gets Sassy On TikTok & Teases She's 'Feeling Myself'

Reality television star "Mama June" Shannon was feeling a bit sassy when planning her latest TikTok video. The From Not to Hot star looked like she was having a blast and her most of her followers were thrilled to see her looking so great.

June posted the video on Saturday and noted that she was just feeling crazy. She used a Lizzo song for the clip and noted that she was feeling herself and having a great time.

The clip showed June standing in a hallway, near the front door. She wore a baggy pair of pants, white sneakers, and a roomy gray top for this fun moment. The reality television star's blond hair was styled casually and left loose to rest on her shoulders.

As the snippet of the Lizzo song began, June started dancing while drawing a heart over her chest with her fingers. She shook her hips and smiled as she lip-synced the words to the tune and had some fun with it.

June opened and shut the front door in coordination with the lyrics referencing the same thing in Lizzo's song. When she slammed the door shut again, she cranked it all up a notch with some hair flips and more sassy moves.


Everybody who has followed along with June's life for the past year or two knows that she has navigated some tough times and significant issues. Luckily, she seems to have turned things around and it certainly showed in this video.

In late July, she shared some snippets of a day she spent pampering herself. She detailed at the time that she was living a sober life, and it appears she has been sticking with it.

Over the course of about 20 hours, the From Not to Hot personality's TikTok clip was viewed 1.1 million times. Almost 60,000 supporters liked it and more than 1,600 notes poured into the comments section.


"Happy to see you doing good! People act like people don't make mistakes! & PSA Make sure you guys are perfect before you start judging people," a fan noted.

"Mama June you is a whole vibe I'm so happy to see you still have a sense of humor after all you've been through keep your head up," another detailed.

"Lookin good momma June. Keep up the good work!! I respect anyone that does recovery!! Prayers," someone else wrote.

Some commenters were critical of June in what they wrote, referencing her past troubles. Many others, however, joined her in celebrating how far she's come in turning her life around this year.