Paige Spiranac Rings In Masters Week With A Plunging Top & Skimpy Miniskirt

Social media star and former golf pro Paige Spiranac celebrated the beginning of Masters week with a sexy new share on her popular Instagram profile. Her post -- which was uploaded to the service on Sunday, November 8 -- included a stunning snapshot of the 27-year-old striking a pose behind her SUV with her golf bag visible in the vehicle's trunk.

Spiranac brought the sizzle to her 2.9 million followers by sporting a tight top with a plunging neckline and a skimpy miniskirt in the pic. Consequently, they were treated to a sizable showing of cleavage, as well as a prominent display of her lissome legs.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition alum captioned the photo by sharing her excitement for the upcoming tournament. While she did confess that she also loves the U.S. Open, Spiranac opined that there's "just something so special" about The Masters.

Her fans expressed similar sentiments about her alluring appearance in the latest photo offering, double-tapping it to the tune of nearly 100,000 likes in just two short hours. Moreover, they filled the comments section with 1,300-plus replies, the brunt of which offered flowery assessments of Spiranac's revealing look.

"The most beautiful woman in the world," raved one devotee.

"You are really so splendid as always," wrote a second supporter. "Your outfit and the color of your eyes and your lips."

"Only person that I have post notification on," added another enamored follower. "The Topanga Lawrence of my 30s."

"I think you could singlehandedly make Ladies golf the most watched sport!" opined a fourth fan.

Spiranac was snapped leaning backward against the open rear compartment of her SUV with both arms bracing her weight behind her. Her bright blond hair was parted down the middle and extended downward on each side of her body, transitioning into large curls at its ends. As the picture was taken, her deep blue eyes were firmly affixed to the camera and her full, vermillion-colored lips offered a striking smile.

The San Diego State University product and All-Mountain West Conference honoree's top was dark black and form-fitting in nature. Its incredibly low-cut neckline allowed her considerable cleavage to be spotlighted near the middle of the photo's frame. Meanwhile, her coral skirt hugged her waist and hips tightly, accentuating her curvy figure, before giving way to her bare thighs.

With her clubs visible in the trunk of her vehicle, Spirianac looked ready to hit the links in the medium-wide shot.

Spiranac was equally as sizzling in a mid-October share that showed her taking a swing at a driving range in a top that was so revealing it made her feel uncomfortable.