Chloe Saxon Flaunts Her Booty & Poses With Legs Spread Apart In Snakeskin-Print Thong Bodysuit

On Sunday, November 8, Chloe Saxon excited her Instagram followers with a small collection of sexy snapshots to help her admirers end their weekend on a high note. The images showed her posing provocatively in a revealing bodysuit, capturing all her best angles.

Chloe's photo shoot took place inside a hallway, where she got down on her knees for each shot. Shimmery pale green carpet provided some padding for her shins, knees, and the fronts of her bare feet. The walls were white, and a silver velvet cushion leaned against one of them.

Chloe was clad in a one-piece garment from the online retailer Fashion Nova. The number featured a realistic snakeskin print in black, gray, and white. The pattern included visible scales and a diamond motif.

Her first pic revealed that the garment had a thong back that left almost none of her bodacious booty to the imagination. The sides that arched up from the thong were cut high and wide to showcase the model's curvy hips and thighs.

Chloe sat back on her heels and arched her back to emphasize her derriere's ample size and peachy appearance. The massive tattoo of a rose in full bloom on her left butt cheek was also on full display. Her raven tresses cascaded down her back in a silky curtain with curled ends. The model was pictured snapping a mirror selfie, which required her to turn back at the waist to get the perfect shot. She parted her glistening lips provocatively as she directed her dark eyes toward her phone's screen.

In her second slide, Chloe gave her fans a look at her skimpy outfit and her bombshell figure from the side. She spread her legs apart and placed her free hand on the carpet in front of her.

The front of Chloe's bodysuit also let it all hang out, as demonstrated in her final shot. The plunging neckline revealed a massive amount of her cleavage, and the bust featured underwire cups that further enhanced her chest's appearance. She stretched out her slim midsection by placing one arm behind her head while positioning her legs even wider apart. The pose emphasized the extreme difference in size between her waist and voluptuous hips.

Her online audience rewarded her sexy slideshow with over 10,000 likes in a matter of two hours, and they also lavished her with adoration in the comments section.

"Gorgeous Goddess. You have the perfect looking body," wrote one fan.

"There are no rivals to you Chloe," another commented.

"What a physique you have... gorgeous!" read a third message.

Chloe recently shared a similar set of three snapshots of herself rocking a pink monokini. In those images, she also got down low on the floor to model her look.