Nata Lee Flaunts Her Booty In Black Panties While Balancing Over A Bathtub

Russian model Nata Lee wowed her avid admirers with the Instagram update that she shared on Sunday, November 8. It was an alluring image of the DJ flaunting her derriere and demonstrating her balancing skills on top of a bathtub.

Nata's sultry snapshot featured her posing over a white freestanding bathtub with an elegant curved design that was both modern and classic. She gripped one side of the tub with her hands and placed her toes on the other. She held her torso at an angle, seemingly engaging her core to emphasize the chiseled appearance of her strong abdominal muscles.

At the same time, she pointed her toes to showcase her toned calves. Her somewhat precarious pose also drew attention to the round shape of her peachy booty.

Nata wore her blond hair styled in a voluminous blowout with large waves that were brushed back on the sides. The glamorous hairstyle did little to draw attention away from her bombshell curves, which she showcased in a black bra and matching panties.

Her top had molded cups that clung to her curves in a flattering fashion while providing a lift to enhance her colossal cleavage. She was photographed in profile, so all that could be seen of her bottoms was one slim side strap that hugged her hip as it arched upward.

The dark color of Nata's undergarments complemented the massive tattoo on her right thigh. The body art depicts a seahorse with a curled tail. She mentioned the ink in her caption, where she asked her fans if she should have it altered in some way or completely remove it.

Her large online audience rapidly reacted to her post by double-tapping it over 165,000 times during the first hour after she shared it. A large number of her followers also responded to her request for ideas on what to do to her ink, with many of them begging her to have it removed.

"Please remove it! I like tattoos anywhere except the legs. The cleaner they are the longer they look," one person opined in the comments section.

"Remove it... You are a natural beauty," read another message.

However, others assured her that the tat looks great just the way it is.

"Don't remove anything. It's perfect," one admirer remarked.

"Keep it as is! It's awesome," commented another fan.

While Nata's tattoo is a prominent feature on her body, it doesn't always make an appearance in her sexy snaps. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she gave fans a rear view of a thong bikini in one recent photo that didn't include the tattoo.