Lady Gaga Shares Tears Of Joy Over Joe Biden Victory: 'You Can Feel Warm Now'

Lady Gaga took to Instagram this weekend to celebrate Joe Biden's election victory over Donald Trump with her 45 million fans, sharing some teary videos in the process.

Dressed in a black cap and gray T-shirt, the "911" hitmaker couldn't contain her joy and emotions in the clips. As quoted by Metro, she claimed that Biden's win over Trump will usher in a new era for the U.S.

"Hey everybody, I hope you're all celebrating. I hope all the women know in this country that there is a real reckoning and a real change. I hope people whose voices who have been oppressed by power, I hope you know your voices were heard."
Gaga went on to say that she felt "speechless" and told her followers that it was a "special day." She then proceeded to inform them that the victory means that Americans can stop living in fear and feel optimistic about the future.

"It's a day where a lot of people who felt like we were living in a state of terror and aggression all the time, that it's over. You can feel warm now."

As of this writing, the videos have each gained over 2 million views and attracted plenty of commenters, most of whom expressed their joy over the result. The fans also made sure that the singer knew how much they appreciate her.

"Don't cry mother we love you," wrote one Instagram user.

Another Instagram follower told Gaga that "we're all crying."

A couple of her fans also encouraged her to run for president in 2024. However, nothing Gaga said in the videos suggested that she had her own political aspirations.

The Metro report also noted that Gaga went on to share a picture of her hugging Biden, then congratulated Kamala Harris on becoming the first female vice president in American history.

As The Inquisitr previously documented, Gaga has been outspoken about her political views in recent weeks. She was a vocal supporter of Biden and Harris throughout their campaign and even appeared at a rally to endorse them.

Her endorsements caught the attention of Trump and he proceeded to heckle the singer, criticizing her talent and telling his supporters that he's heard "stories" about Gaga.

Even though the Republican candidate disparaged Gaga, it didn't stop her father, Joe Germanotta, from throwing his support behind his re-election bid, as documented by People. Germanotta cited his desire for freedom and liberty as his reason for not supporting the Democrats.