'New York Post' Cover Telling Donald Trump 'You're Fired' Is A Viral Hoax

A viral image spreading on social media shows the cover of the New York Post featuring a drab-looking Donald Trump and the words "You're Fired." But, as many pointed out, the post itself is a hoax.

The picture began attracting interest after major networks called the presidential race in favor of Joe Biden, handing Trump a stinging defeat after several days of vote counting and tight races.

The faked front page included a real picture of the president walking across the lawn of the White House following a rally in Tulsa back in June, his return to the campaign trail after several months on hold after the initial outbreak of the coronavirus. Trump wore no tie and had his shirt unbuttoned, looking tired and worn out after a rally that fell well short of the high expectations that his campaign had set.

The photo led to some mockery of Trump at the time, and was revived for a fake newspaper cover that continued to dig at him. In the fabricated New York Post image, the picture was set next to the quoted words "My fellow Americans, our long NATIONAL NIGHTMARE is over." Below were the words "You're Fired," a reference to Trump's catchphrase when eliminating losing contestants on The Apprentice.

Many appeared to take glee in sharing the image, including former White House staffer-turned-vocal Trump critic Anthony Scaramucci, who posted it on Twitter.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman noted that the post many were sharing was fake, which could be seen by the incorrect font that was used. She also noted that the real front page for Sunday's edition had been released and was full of praise for Biden.

She quoted a tweet from Vanity Fair contributor Peter Hamby, taking note of what appeared to be a break between Trump and media mogul Rupert Murdoch, owner of both the newspaper and Fox News.

Throughout the election, Murdoch's media outlets had been seen as supportive of Trump, especially the New York Post. The newspaper published a series of stories that contained explosive claims about Hunter Biden, the son of the Democratic presidential candidate.

The outlet claimed to have obtained information from a laptop reportedly left at a repair shop, allegedly showing that the candidate's son used his father's influence as vice president to further his own business interests. It also alleged that the computer contained lurid photos and videos of the younger Biden.