Jennifer Lopez, 51, Shakes Her Booty In Celebratory Throwback Clip

Jennifer Lopez took to Instagram to treat her 133 million followers to a throwback clip of herself. She celebrated the news that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris became the projected winners of the election on Saturday.

The majority of her fans seemed to appreciate her whole mood upon hearing the news, but a few posted unhappy comments about the 2020 presidential election outcome. The footage received more than 9,300,000 views, and more than 1,500,100 Instagram users hit the like button. Over 15,600 Instagram users also took the time to comment, with many adding flames to complete their thoughts.

"YES. Thank you for all of your courage to speak for humanity!!!!! You are SUCH a leader!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you!!!!!!!!" gushed fitness guru Tracy Anderson, who also added several blue hearts and confetti emoji.

"Yessss our president and vice president. God is good. We're all dancing, woman. Keep it up," another fan enthused, adding several flames.

"Congratulations, America. We have restored democracy and voted out the most corrupt and embarrassing president in American history!" wrote a third who included an American flag emoji.

"RIP AMERICA. You will soon realize that Biden is going to strip your rights, and after these 4 years, A NEW RED WAVE!!" predicted one person.

In the short video, Jennifer stood on a stage, holding a microphone in one hand, but she wasn't singing. An upbeat drumbeat played, and the singer shimmied and shook her booty in time to the sounds while undulating her enviable curves and moving in small steps around in a circle. At one point, members of the audience and a bigger version of her appeared across a screen that was near her.

She wore an intricate silver costume with a deep V-neck lined in a long, sparkly fringe. The bottom also featured fringed designs that hung over her pert backside and flat stomach. The 51-year-old entertainer wore her long brunette hair in a half ponytail that sat high on the crown of her head. The long lengths tumbled over her shoulders and down her back in loose waves. A breeze blew Jennifer's mane as she performed for the boisterous crowd. Sparkly earrings twinkled in her ears as her hair blew back away from them.

Jennifer often stuns her fans with her ageless, flawless looks in her various posts. The Inquisitr previously reported that the "Jenny from the Block" songstress displayed a generous look at her ample cleavage in a hot pink bra top, with her "I voted" sticker placed on her chest above her breasts.