Valerie Cossette Sizzles In A Red Lace Teddy On Instagram

Sarah Batool Haider

On Saturday, November 7, Canadian model Valerie Cossette took to her Instagram page and treated her 2.1 million fans to a sizzling hot lingerie picture, which became an instant hit.

In the picture, Valerie rocked a red lace teddy that perfectly accentuated her physique. The risqué ensemble consisted of wired cups with scalloped edges. It included thin straps, while the push-up feature of the garment emphasized her never-ending cleavage.

The high-cut leg opening of the teddy put her toned thighs and legs on full display.

Valerie loosely tied her raven-colored tresses, letting her long, silky locks cascade over her back. In terms of jewelry, she only opted for a delicate gold pendant.

The shoot took place indoors in a spacious room. A mirror, a queen-sized bed, and a side table along with a black lamp could be seen in the background.

To strike a pose, Valerie stood straight and raised her arms while holding her hair. She tilted her face and gazed at the camera. The hottie also puckered her lips to pull off a very seductive look.

In the caption, Valerie informed users that her ensemble was from the online clothing retailer Fashion Nova, adding that the brand sponsored the post.

"You are not only cute but you are the most beautiful woman on the face on this planet. One look at your face can make me forget myself. Stay safe," one of her fans commented.

"Red looks so good on you, babe. Marry me, please! I will keep you happy and give you all the love in the world," chimed in another user, adding a heart emoji to the comment.

"Wow, you look super hot in this piece. Thank you for sharing this sexy pic, made my day," a third admirer remarked.

"You always bring ur A-game. Love this photo," a fourth follower wrote.

Others posted words and phrases like "drop-dead gorgeous," "angel," and "queen" to express their adoration.

Aside from here regular followers, many other models also liked and commented on the pic to show appreciation and support, including Lexis Heinberg, Vicky Aisha, and Gemma Walker.

Valerie uploaded another skin-baring photograph on November 5 in which she rocked a pink bikini top that showed off some serious cleavage. To date, that post has garnered more than 80,000 likes and over 1,350 comments.