Viral Clip Shows Reporter Alex Zdan Tell Heckling Trump Supporter 'Buzz Off' During Live Broadcast

Alex Zdan wasn't in the mood to be heckled during his live broadcast, and the Long Island reporter's response to an angry Donald Trump supporter is now gaining viral attention.

Zdan was live on the air from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, following the announcement from major American news networks that Democratic candidate Joe Biden had won the state of Pennsylvania, putting him over the 270 electoral vote threshold to unofficially make him the president-elect.

As Mediaite reported, Zdan's broadcast was interrupted by man who asked whether he was "real news or fake news."

"Buzz off," Zdan shot back, before what appeared to be security took the man away from the spot behind the broadcast.

The video earned some viral interest online, with many spreading it on Twitter and TikTok and some mishearing his admonishment to the heckling Trump supporter as "f*ck off." The response was shouted quickly and sharply, and some versions of the video contained captions that improperly captured the words.

After the interaction, the reporter had a brief laugh and rolled back into his broadcast as the crowd continued to grow behind him and many cars drove past, honking their horns. Zdan was covering a spontaneous celebration that broke out following the announcement that Biden was projected to be the next president, one of many that have taken place across the country after a long and drawn-out process of counting the votes. There have been a number of celebrations across Pennsylvania, the state that put the Democratic candidate over the top.

People celebrate Joe Biden's win.
Getty Images | Stephanie Keith

The person who interrupted the live broadcast appeared to be one of a smaller number of the president's supporters who showed up in apparent protest. In the days since November 3, many of the president's backers had gathered at places where the ballot-counting had been taking place, some calling for the counts to continue and others demanding that they stop.

Trump has pressed unfounded claims of election fraud, claiming that there were a number of illegal votes cast in favor of his opponent. He has not offered evidence to back these claims, however.

As Indy 500 reported, there was another viral interruption during a broadcast earlier in the week, when a man wearing a shirt with the words "BBQ Beer Freedom" stormed into a press conference about ballot-counting updates in Nevada.

Joe Gloria, the Clark County registrar of voters, was speaking to the press when the person ran behind him.

"The Biden crime family is stealing the election. The media is covering it up," the man shouted, adding, "Joe Biden is covering up the election. He's stealing it."