Kim French Sports Impossibly Tiny Booty Shorts For New Legs Workout

Kim French takes a selfie in a black outfit.
Kim French / Instagram

Fitness model Kim French took to popular social media site Instagram on Friday, November 6, to post a new workout video set in which she showed off her flawless legs and backside in a pair of impossibly tiny booty shorts.

The black spandex shorts featured a high waistband while extending to just below the model’s peachy booty, fitting her more like a pair of underwear than shorts. The length of her smooth, muscular legs drew the eye. On her upper half, she sported a hunter-green cropped sweatshirt with a black sports bra underneath. The sweatshirt bunched up around her abdomen and arms while teasing a strip of toned tummy.

Kim completed the athletic look with a pair of black socks that rose to mid-calf level and white sneakers. She styled her long, brunette tresses in a neat bun that sat on top of her head and was secured with a scrunchie. During some of the exercises, she also added weighted sleeves around her wrists and ankles.

The workout took place in an interior space that consisted of plain, white walls and tiled flooring. Kim brought in various pieces of equipment for each move, making use of an exercise band, dumbbells, a barbell, plate weights, a portable incline bench, and a small gray mat. She performed a total of six exercises that were each split into an individual slide in the post.

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My legs are literally hungover after this ???????? But as they say, if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you! Love it or hate it… a leg day is a MUST!!!Press that save button right now, cus it’s ABOUT TO GO DOWN ???? . Like ➕ Tag your friends ➕ Take a deep breath ???? I don’t know if I’m excited or nervous for you hehe ???? . 1️⃣ Superset x 4 -Deficit Barbell SLD – 10 reps (40kg) -Plate Sumo SLD – 10 reps (10kg) The deficit allows for more R.O.M. which increases intensity. The shakes were insane ???? 2️⃣ Superset x 3 -Barbell Static Lunge – 10 reps (40kg) -DB Static Lunge – 12 reps (12kg dbs) Perform both exercises on one leg before moving onto the next. 3️⃣ Plate Kneeling Squat – 10 reps x 5 (15kg) Having the weight positioned on your back makes this really challenging ???????? 4️⃣ Nordic Hamstring Curl – 12 reps x 4 No Chris? No problem… just put your feet under a sofa which also works, I’ve tested it. 5️⃣ Superset x 4 -DB Heel Elevated Squats – 12 reps (12kg dbs) -Bodyweight Burn Out – 12 reps The heel elevation allows for a deeper squat and more R.O.M at the knee, therefore will work your quads harder. 6️⃣ Banded Hamstring Curl – 15 reps each leg x 3 I used my long band and ankle attachments to do this. Long band was tied to a kettlebell handle. . You can swap any barbell or plate exercises for dumbbells if you are limited on equipment. Want to see some raw footage from today’s workout (and after struggles)?.. have a peek at my story ???? . Good luck and remember THICK THIGHS SAVE LIVES ????????

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Kim began her fitness session with a set of deficit barbell SLDs and plate sumo SLDs. She followed the moves with a superset of barbell static lunges and dumbbell static lunges. In the third video, she demonstrated the plate kneeling squat, placing the weight against her upper back for an added challenge. The Nordic hamstring curl came next, which required the help of a partner. The fifth clip showed a superset of DB heel-elevated squats and bodyweight burn-outs. Kim completed her routine with the banded hamstring curl.

In the caption of the post, Kim outlined the entire circuit and wrote out the number of sets and reps trainees should do for each move. She also gave them tips on how to properly execute the exercises and how to adapt them as necessary. She signed off with a cheeky message that “thick thighs save lives.”

The videos earned more than 25,000 likes and over 500 comments within the first day of going live on the photo-sharing site.

“Amazing Kim!! [three raised hands emoji] Liked and saved….. put into practice tomorrow!! Thank you!” one adoring fan commented.