Allie Auton Shows Off Cleavage In New Instagram Selfie

Allie Auton takes a selfie
Allie Auton / Instagram

On November 6, Allie Auton wowed her fans with a sultry new snapshot uploaded to her Instagram page. The sexy selfie featured the Aussie model wearing a sports bra and posing seductively for the camera as she showed off her ample cleavage.

In the snapshot, Allie rocked a brown sports bra made of a thick, stretchable material that secured her buxom curves. The plunging neckline sat low on her chest, and it displayed a great deal of her décolletage. However, the snug fit of the piece pushed her breasts inward, which made her cleavage pop. The thin straps that went over her shoulders provided support for her ample chest.

Although not very visible in the shot, Allie sported a matching pair of bottoms.

The influencer captured the sizzling hot selfie outdoors. A white car was seen in the background, and the glass windows showed a glimpse of the blue sky filled with clouds.

Allie held the camera in one of her hands, extending her arm away from her face to get the best angle possible that also included her taut stomach. The babe gazed directly at the lens and gave a closed-lip smile. Despite Allie staying in a shaded area, the indirect sunlight still made her tanned skin glow.

Allie wore several accessories, including a pair of dangling earrings, studs, and a pendant necklace. She wore her platinum blond hair into a half ponytail and let its long strands hang over her shoulders.

In the caption, Allie mentioned that the selfie was dedicated to her “beauty angels.” She also tagged their respective Instagram accounts in the post.

Even though the snapshot has been live less than a day on the photo-sharing app, the new share has already received a ton of attention from her avid fans. In addition to gaining over 7,900 likes, the update has also pulled in more than 80 comments.

Some of Allie’s social media followers took to the comments section to let her know she looked beautiful. Countless other admirers gushed over her tantalizing assets. Still others seemed to be rendered speechless and instead chose to express their admiration with a mix of emoji.

“I love your smile, and your top looks great. Your skin also looks amazing,” one of her fans wrote.

“This is not even a bikini pic, but you still gained lots of attention. All your photos are mesmerizing. I cannot stop staring,” gushed another admirer.

“I really adore your hairstyle. Similar to Barbie’s hair, only yours is platinum, but you are rocking it!” a third social media follower commented, adding a red heart and flame emoji at the end of the comment.