Laura Amy Flaunts Bodacious Curves In Barely There Orange Two-Piece: ‘Bikinis In The Living Room’

Laura Amy takes a selfie
Laura Amy / Instagram

On Friday, November 6, Laura Amy thrilled her 879,000 Instagram followers with a sexy update. The Aussie model rocked a two-piece swimsuit that provided little coverage for her killer physique.

In the risqué photo, Laura was seen flaunting her bodacious curves in her living room, clad in her scanty bathing suit. She used her phone’s front camera and posed on the floor. The babe leaned to the side and placed her left hand on the flat surface for support. Her chin was slightly raised as she looked straight into the camera with a sultry stare and parted lips.

A white sofa was seen behind her, as well as a flat-screen TV mounted on the wall. The ceiling lights and the sunlight from the nearby window illuminated the whole place and highlighted her flawless skin.

Laura showcased her insanely toned body in a skimpy orange bikini. The top featured a crisscross detail over her chest that went around her neck, similar to a halter style. The garment appeared fully-lined and covered her nipples from exposure. However, it was so small that it hardly contained her voluptuous breasts. As a result, the swimwear flaunted a generous amount of her cleavage and underboob.

She sported matching bottoms that looked like a skirt and stretched high to her hips. The garment boasted a low-cut waistline that helped highlight her flat stomach and abs.

Laura wore her highlighted brunette hair down and styled in sleek, straight strands. She let the majority of her locks cascade down her back, with some strands hanging over her shoulders.

In the caption, Laura wrote something about the current weather in Australia. She shared that it was still a bit chilly to wear swimsuits outdoors. Instead, she decided to take some pics indoors in her skimpy attire.

The latest share racked up more than 20,500 likes and over 450 messages in under a day of being live. Many of her online supporters took to the comments section to shower the model with compliments. Many praised her beauty and body. Several admirers didn’t have a lot to say and opted to drop a combination of emoji instead.

“I love the outfit and tattoo! You always take beautiful snaps. Please don’t ever stop sharing them with the world. You made a lot of people happy, just by posting on Instagram,” a follower wrote.

“Weather is being delivered here in Perth. Come here? You can wear all the sexy outfits you like!” added another social media user.

“I fully agree! I think all women as gorgeous as you should wear bikinis in the living room! Always,” a third fan commented.