'General Hospital' Weekly Spoilers: Chase Breaks Down & Willow Is There For Him

Kim Brandow

The week of November 9 on General Hospital will bring plenty of chaos in Port Charles — and possible heartbreak as well. On Friday's show, Finn was rushed to GH after being shot by Anna Devane's twin sister Alex. Finn was trying to protect a pregnant Maxie, but instead, he got himself critically hurt. Now his loved ones will gather around him as he fights for his life.

Finn's brother Chase will head to the hospital on Monday after he hears what happened. The previews showed Chase asking how Finn was with a concerned look on his face. General Hospital spoilers for next week from SheKnows Soaps reveal that he will head to the chapel to send up a prayer for Finn. it sounds like things aren't looking good for his older brother. The previews also showed Peter running out of Finn's room asking for help. He was in the process of getting some info from Finn about where Maxie could be and it looks like something happens.

This will bring Chase to pray for Finn to make it through this ordeal. On Tuesday, more spoilers tease that Willow will somehow hear about what happened and rush to be with her ex. Despite being married to Michael Corinthos, Willow still cares, and she most likely still loves Chase. This will be expected to stir up those old feelings between them. But will it be enough for Chase to confess his secret to her?

While it may be tempting to spill to Willow on the deception that he and Sasha came up with to keep Wiley safe, it looks like that may not happen next week. Down the road spoilers indicate that Chase will stick to the whole secret that keeps him apart from the love of his life. However, he may just move on with someone else eventually, possibly with Brook Lynn Quartermaine.

Finn's condition is expected to get worse before it gets better. He finally got caught up in Anna's dangerous world on Friday's show. He wants a safe place for his daughter Violet, but it may not be with Anna after all is said and done. There are rumors that Violet's mom, Hayden Barnes, will make her way back to Port Charles, but that has not yet been confirmed.

The drama on General Hospital is kicking into high gear and there could be some casualties before it's all over with. It seems that Alex's fate will be in the hands of her twin as Anna seeks revenge for hurting Finn and putting other lives in danger.