Amanda Cerny Goes Braless & Flaunts Her Chiseled Abs Under A Cropped Blazer & Low-Riding Pants

Social media starlet Amanda Cerny caused a stir on Friday with a sultry new Instagram video post. She gave her 25.3 million followers a sneak peek at a magazine feature she has in the works, and she left fans anxious to see more.

In her caption, Cerny signaled that she was loving the '90s vibe that was going on during this shoot. She wore a baby blue pantsuit, but it was no ordinary ensemble. The slacks had a wide black stripe around each upper thigh, and the waistband sat well below her navel.

The matching jacket had wide white stripes around each upper arm and Cerny had the sleeves pushed up over her elbows. As the video started, she had the blazer buttoned across her bare midriff. However, she soon opened it to show that she was braless underneath.

At some points in the clip, someone holding a fan could be seen in the corner. The wind blew Cerny's long, wavy brunette tresses as she posed and shifted positions every few seconds.

Cerny hooked her thumbs over the pockets of her pants. At other times, she teasingly opened her unbuttoned jacket while holding the lapels.

Cerny cocked her hip, and she frequently made sure to showcase her deep cleavage along with her rock-hard abs. During the latter part of the clip, the 29-year-old beauty sat on the edge of a folding chair and spread her long, lean legs out in front of her.

Sultry, pouty expressions added a level of sexiness to the clip. She broke out in a smile a few times, momentarily setting aside her tough-girl vibe.

More than 35,000 fans liked the new video in the first 30 minutes after Cerny had initially shared it. Over 250 comments poured in as well, as her followers raved over the titillating sneak peek.

"I think u are the prettiest girl on all the world luv u," one follower raved.

"So hot and perfect," a fan declared.

"Them abs. Idk how your dude handles the hotness," commented another fan.

"Words can't even describe how beautiful and dynamic you are!! Love this look and killer photo shoot!!!" a fourth fan wrote.

While it looked like this was a fairly serious photo shoot, she has shared plenty of light-hearted posts with her fans lately as well. For example, she recently revealed some adorable glimpses into her life with her new family addition, a Dalmatian puppy named Falco.

Fans love Cerny's ability to look sexy and serious while shifting seamlessly into a sweet girl-next-door vibe. This new post was obviously heavy on the sultry side and fans will be anxious to see more.