Sommer Ray Shows Some Skin & Flaunts Her Perky Booty: 'I Just Wanna Be Human Sunshine'

Social media influencer and fashion designer Sommer Ray shared a fabulous set of photos with her 25.5 million Instagram followers on Friday afternoon. The bombshell flaunted her fit figure and quickly received a lot of love in return for her perky pictures.

In her caption, Sommer said that she aimed to spend her day acting as human sunshine for someone. She posed outdoors for this slate of eight snapshots, with a thick wall of greenery behind her.

Sommer had her blond tresses styled in loose waves that she swept over her head. For the first photo, she stood with her back to the camera and slightly angled her torso.

She flashed such a big smile that her eyes were mostly shut. Some of her wavy locks obscured part of her face as she turned her head and rested her chin on her shoulder.

The 24-year-old influencer wore a white handkerchief with a scattered pattern of red lips as a top. She had it tied around her chest with the ends knotted in the back.

Sommer added a pair of skintight denim jeans that accentuated the curves of her plump booty. Most of the snapshots in this post showed the voluptuous model from behind, giving everybody a peek at the bare skin of her backside as she posed.

Throughout the series of photos, Sommer played with her hair and teased her fans with some sultry facial expressions. One snap showed her facing the camera, leaning forward, and doing a silly face for the photographer.

The final shot showed her from the back once again, and it featured her showing off her hourglass curves with a big smile on her face.

Within a mere 45 minutes, almost 250,000 people had already liked the post. In addition, more than 1,250 comments poured in from her impressed followers.

"You're my sunshine sommer," a fan commented.

"You got a beautiful smile @sommerray," another noted.

"You are very sunshiny," teased a follower.

"Those eyes got me hallucinating," someone else raved.

This perky and sweet set of photos was the perfect contrast to another look that Sommer recently shared. Not long ago, she tantalized her millions of fans with an ensemble that included a tight miniskirt and leopard-print crop top.

That outfit, which Sommer noted was for a movie premiere, sent her fans into a frenzy. An impressive 850,000 likes piled up on that post, although some of her other recent shots have accrued more than a million likes.

The girl-next-door vibe in the new set was clearly a hit with all of Sommer's followers as well. The pictures certainly appeared to leave many people rather hot and bothered as they raved over each and every snapshot.