Philadelphia Mayor Says Donald Trump Should ‘Put His Big Boy Pants On’ And Accept That He Lost Election

Donald Trump speaks at a presidential debate.
Win McNamee / Getty Images

The mayor of Philadelphia is calling out Donald Trump amid the unfounded accusations of voter fraud, saying the president needs to “put his big boy pants on” and admit that he lost the election.

Mayor Jim Kenney spoke about the election and his city’s role in helping put Biden over the top, saying that Trump needs to accept the outcome and help the country start to heal following what had been a contentious campaign. Trump has lodged a number of allegations that he won the race, hinting it had been stolen through voter fraud, but has not offered evidence of his claims.

As the Washington Times reported, Kenney called on Trump to accept the outcome.

“I think what the president needs to do is frankly put his big boy pants on,” he said. “He needs to acknowledge the fact that he lost, and he needs to congratulate the winner just as Jimmy Carter did, just as George Bush did, and frankly just as Al Gore did, and let us move forward as a country.

“That’s my feeling. I don’t think he will listen to me, but that is it.”

Kenney’s assessment appeared to be correct based on reports of Trump’s plans. As The Inquisitr reported, those around the White House believe that he will not concede, even if the final counts show that he lost the race.

Philadelphia played an important role in moving the state into Biden’s favor, with the Democratic candidate moving into the lead thanks, in part, to a strong performance among absentee ballots around the state’s largest city and its suburbs.

Allies of the president have taken aim at officials in Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia specifically, claiming that the process of counting votes was not conducted fairly. As Vox reported, these claims attracted some viral attention online, including an allegation during voting that there was a “widespread plot to harm Trump’s campaign.” The report noted that many local officials, including the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, called out what they saw as disinformation.

The allegations have continued after Election Day and through the days that followed, with many close to Trump lifting up unfounded claims. That included Sean Hannity, who suggested during his show on Thursday that there may be a need for a “do-over” race in Pennsylvania due to the allegations of fraud.

The Fox News host mentioned a lawsuit from Republicans claiming that vote count watchers were not allowed to be close enough to conduct an inspection of the counting process.